Peter Boyles begins another week off the air, radio silence about his fate

Update: Peter Boyles has reportedly been fired by KHOW. To read our latest coverage, click here.

Original post: Last week, we noted that KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles remained off the air following an incident with his longtime producer, Greg Hollenback, and his future was uncertain.

More than a week later, that's still the case -- and the station isn't talking about his continuing absence either on the air or behind the scenes.

This radio silence is only increasing the frustration of Boyles's fans -- and inspiring plenty of conspiracy theories.

As we've reported, the incident took place at around 8 a.m. on Thursday, May 23, amid a program during which former Congressman Tom Tancredo announced that he's running for governor. A 9News crew was on hand for Tancredo's statement, and the station has reported that after the argument, Hollenback was seen with red marks on his neck.

What happened? Sources tell us that after a high-volume argument, Boyles yanked Hollenback toward him by a lanyard, causing the aforementioned red marks. In response to this action, Hollenback is said to have thrown his hat at Boyles.

The program continued afterward without further problems -- but the dust-up was reported to KHOW management, with overseers from Clear Channel, the station's corporate owner, getting involved shortly thereafter.

Since then, Boyles has not been heard on KHOW, and neither he nor Hollenback has commented, Likewise, station spokespeople have declined to detail the situation, describing it as a personnel matter.

Today, KHOW's website prominently features Boyles, who's said to be "on the air" at this writing. But no: The actual person behind the microphone is frequent fill-in commentator Jon Caldara, who, when we tuned in a short time ago, was yapping about actress Angelina Jolie's first public appearance since undergoing a double mastectomy.

Unless we've missed it, no KHOW personality has talked about the Boyles matter during a broadcast in the week and a half after it took place. Meanwhile, we're receiving a steady stream of e-mails and Facebook messages from his loyal listeners complaining about the dearth of information and positing hypotheses about why he hasn't made a return. Among them: The powers that be are trumping up the Boyles-Hollenback altercation in order to remove a prominent thorn from their side.

Expect such speculation to gather steam the longer KHOW keeps loyalists in the dark -- and the longer Boyles stays off the air.

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