Peter Boyles wasn't stricken by flesh-eating bacteria, but KHOW host's new face isn't pretty

A few months back, we shared photos of KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles following a face lift, and he was very pleased with the results. Too bad that only a short time later, Boyles came down with a wicked case of cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection that made him extremely ill and caused his new mug look a lot less pretty. So... is the bacteria the flesh-eating kind? He says "no."

Moreover, Boyles insists that the plastic surgery wasn't a factor in the infection.

"I asked that question," he notes. "But I got the plastic surgery on September 8, and if I was going to get sick, it would have hit immediately. It was too long ago for that."

Instead, he suspects the ailment took root after he broke his shoulder on December 21 following a run-in with a snowboarder. He began to feel ill shortly after the procedure but tried to shrug it off for nine or ten days, until he could ignore it no longer.

"When I was a little boy, I had scarlet fever," he recalls, "and this is the sickest I've been since then. The whole side of my face swelled up, my neck swelled up, and stuff was running out of the sores -- weeping, they call it."

When Boyles returned to work late last week, he still wasn't a picture of health. His producer, Greg Hollenback, jokes that the host reminded him of the Mike Myers character Goldmember thanks to the way his face was flaking. But in the days since then, his health has improved.

"I'm on the mend," he says. "I go back for a check-up tomorrow, and if I get the green light, I'm going to start working out again."

Below, see photos of Boyles's face-lift:

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