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Peter Boyles's ten most memorable Westword posts

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Ever since controversial KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles was forced out after an incident with his longtime producer, his many fans have hoped for more info about what happened. Unfortunately, neither Boyles nor station execs are talking. Prior to his sacking, though, Boyles was hardly known for his reserve: He always spoke his mind, even (or perhaps especially) when he knew he'd take heat for his words. With that in mind, we've collected excerpts from our ten most memorable Boyles posts on The Latest Word, with links to the original items. Check them out below. "Peter Boyles street art?" June 22, 2007 "This wheat paste poster was spotted yesterday afternoon on the 20th Avenue underpass near Coors Field. The subject of the work is longtime KHOW talk radio personality Peter Boyles, known for his opposition to "illegals," and his anti-gang work. It appears the photo is an appropriated version of a Colorado Media Matters screen capture of Boyles in his former hosting Colorado Inside Out, a panel discussion show on Channel 12.

How's that for trickle-down media?"

"Why Sports Fans Hate Peter Boyles" August 30, 2007 "KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles is widely reviled by folks who disagree with his ultra-hardline stance on immigration reform -- so much so that's he's become one of the most controversial and divisive figures in Denver media. As a result, a statement he made during his August 30 morning drive-time program was especially surprising. According to him, the topic he takes more heat over than any other is his contention that people who personalize their affiliation with area sports teams -- crowing about 'My Broncos,' 'My Rockies,' 'My Buffies' -- are misguided and stupid." Continue to keep reading Peter Boyles's ten most memorable Westword posts. "Peter Boyles: 'Folks, You've Been Had.'" July 10, 2008 "Members of the local and national media alike have gone predictably ga-ga over Boulder district attorney Mary Lacy's July 9 announcement that DNA evidence has cleared all Ramsey family members of suspicion regarding the 1996 murder of six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey. But KHOW's Peter Boyles, the most indefatigable pundit on the Ramsey beat (and oh, how he's beaten it -- for over eleven years now), hardly admitted defeat during the first half-hour of his show on the morning after. Far from it: He excoriated coverage of the case, calling it 'laughable,' and shrugged off assaults from e-mailers demanding that he slam down a shot of Old Crow with the comment, 'Folks, you've been had.'" "Peter Boyles still publicizing Obama birth-certificate story" November 10, 2008 "As mainstream Republicans in Colorado and beyond try to figure out what went wrong on election day, conservatives on the fringes continue to hype stories that didn't quite scare the electorate enough prior to the vote -- and local talk radio is still giving them a forum. Case in point: During this morning's 6 a.m. broadcasting segment, KHOW's Peter Boyles played host to Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the man behind ObamaCrimes.com, who's among the nation's most vigorous promoters of the theory that President-elect Barack Obama was born outside the United States and therefore isn't Constitutionally qualified to serve in the nation's highest office. This story has been shot down repeatedly by the Obama campaign and many others, but that hasn't dissuaded Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney who's filed a writ with the U.S. Supreme Court on the subject.

"How much longer will such loonbaggery go on? As long as listeners to Boyles and other yakkers keep tuning in to hear it. Which could be a very long time."

Continue to keep reading Peter Boyles's ten most memorable Westword posts. "Is it Peter Boyles, Peter Boils or Boil Peters?" February 23, 2009 "The name game took a loopy twist after Colorado Media Matters published an item last Wednesday attacking KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles for referring to Congresswoman Diana DeGette as 'Vagina DeGette' and 'Vagina DeJet,' for reasons that are too dopey to explain -- although CMM did so at length in its initial item, as well as not one but two follow-up blogs. And as if that weren't enough, two Denver Post scribes, staffer Chuck Plunkeet and columnist Susan Greene, subsequently weighed in on this groin-o-cological incident, too, with both hitting Boyles where it hurts -- right in his Peter." "Swine-flu outbreak has Peter Boyles in verbal hog heaven" April 27, 2009 "As even occasional listeners to KHOW's morning-drive program understand, host Peter Boyles is capable of using virtually any current event to argue in favor of stricter immigration policies -- and the public-health emergency regarding a possible swine flu epidemic in this country provides him with the simplest of transitions. The outbreak is centered in Mexico, and while officials such as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (whom Boyles refers to as 'Mrs. Potato Head') are talking about greater scrutiny on air travelers and the like, they've been largely silent about the possible infection risk represented by illegal immigrants from that country. Not Boyles: This morning, he was in a lather about the 'millions' of illegals who cross the U.S.-Mexico border every month -- and although his math is mighty debatable, he's actually got something resembling a point. Expect to hear the drumbeat on this subject get louder and louder in the coming days, with Boyles and others who hold such views pounding away with special fervor." Continue to keep reading Peter Boyles's ten most memorable Westword posts. "Peter Boyles' birther billboards coming to a highway near you" September 9, 2009 "Last month, we told you about KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles' plan to put up a billboard questioning the native-born status of President Barack Obama. This notion had a major roadblock to overcome: In June, the outdoor advertising wing of Clear Channel, the Texas mega-corp that owns KHOW and seven other Denver-area stations, announced that it wouldn't put up so-called birther boards. But Boyles found a way around this obstacle, and he's hopeful that not one but two billboards wondering, 'Where's the Birth Certificate?' will be on view along I-70 near Kipling within the next few weeks." "Peter Boyles on his new face lift, and why he's happy not to look like Kenny Rogers (PHOTOS)." November 24, 2010 "Face lifts get a bad rap thanks to people like Kenny Rogers, who regularly appears on lists of horrific, shield-your-eyes worst plastic surgery disasters. But KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles emerged from the process as an extremely satisfied booster of the procedure.

"'I really recommend it," he says. "This is kind of a fresh start.'"

Continue to keep reading Peter Boyles's ten most memorable Westword posts. "Peter Boyles's KHOW program now Denver's number one morning show" December 16, 2010 "KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles has a newly lifted face...and a new title -- host of Denver's number-one morning show.

"That's right: Boyles's often controversial program has quietly ascended to the top of the ratings in most major categories -- an accomplishment likely to surprise most local radio observers."

"Peter Boyles reportedly out at KHOW after incident with producer" June 4, 2013 "As we've noted, KHOW morning-drive staple Peter Boyles has been off the air since an incident involving longtime producer Greg Hollenback on May 23. Yesterday marked the beginning of the second full week without a Boyles appearance on the station, and sans an explanation about his future.

"Now, we've got one. Boyles has reportedly been fired, and his absence is confirmed by a stripping of his image from the station's website. But we still lack details about what happened from Boyles himself."

More from our Comment of the Day archive: "Reader: Peter Boyles was like the history teacher I never paid attention to."

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