Photos: 15 Colorado Cities With the Fastest-Growing Economies

What a difference a year makes — although time isn't the only variable factor when it comes to determining which Colorado places are booming the loudest.

Last year, we shared a list of Colorado's ten-fastest growing cities according to the Nerdwallet website.

Now, another site, Wallethub, has come up with its roster of 2015 cities with the fastest-growing economies — one that includes 515 small, medium and large communities across the country. From that grouping, we pulled out the fifteen Colorado cities that made the cut, and it has little in common with the Nerdwallet compendium. Note that Fountain, which topped the Nerdwallet offering, doesn't even appear on the Wallethub version.

Count down the fastest-growing-economies in Colorado list for 2015 below, followed by a graphic showing how Denver rated in comparison with large cities, and the overall methodology, which explains how the order was determined.

Number 15: Pueblo
Overall ranking: 461
Score: 39.6

Number 14: Highlands Ranch
Overall ranking: 439 (tie)
Score: 41.42

Number 13: Centennial
Overall ranking: 264
Score: 47.56

Number 12: Westminster
Overall ranking: 227
Score: 48.91

Number 11: Colorado Springs
Overall ranking: 178 (tie)
Score: 50.85

Number 10: Longmont
Overall ranking: 172
Score: 51.22

Number 9: Arvada
Overall ranking: 158
Score: 51.95

Number 8: Thornton
Overall ranking: 143 (tie)
Score: 52.64

Number 7: Boulder
Overall ranking: 123
Score: 53.73

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