Photos: Check out Liberty Firearms Institute, local gun Disneyland coming soon

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Magpul Industries, one of Colorado's largest firearms manufacturers, has announced plans to move from the state due to new gun-control laws. But that doesn't mean all businesses of this sort are shunning Colorado. The council in Johnstown has just given approval to the Liberty Firearms Institute, an enormous facility that will soon become the biggest operation of its type in Colorado, and among the largest in the country. Look below for the eye-popping details, architectural renderings and more. Here's the way the project is described in a presentation to the Johnstown council included in its August 5 meeting packet:

Liberty Firearms Institute is a unique to Northern Colorado retail, educational and entertainment experience for everyone, not just the firearms and hunting enthusiast. Liberty Firearms Institute will not only provide a wide selection of guns, accessories and outdoor gear but also a full restaurant, multiple classrooms for training and education and a state of the art underground shooting range, all within a completely indoor, fully secure, environmentally safe and virtually noise-free facility.

How massive is the project? According to the document, USA Liberty Arms, the company behind the institute, is under contract to purchase a 29,359 acre lot, on which developers will construct a 100,000 square foot building, with approximately half the space dedicated to retail, the restaurant, classrooms, office space and member services, and the rest devoted to a fifty-sixty lane shooting range

The building will sit at the intersection of Thompson Parkway and, appropriately enough, Ronald Reagan Boulevard.

The institute is characterized as a "destination concept.... Currently, anyone that wishes to purchase a firearm, attend training classes to learn how to safely use it, obtain certification to carry it, practice its use, or simply enjoy its recreational use, requires that individual to travel all over the region to random, often distant facilities, often waiting in lines or standing outside in inclement weather. Liberty Firearms Institute will provide one location that addresses all of these needs in a safe, secure and controlled environment." A facility this large is expected to generate plenty of revenue. The presentation notes that "Liberty Firearms Institute will include an extension of the USA Libert Arms gun store currently located on East Harmony Road in Fort Collins. Approximately 30,000 SF of the Liberty Firearms Institute building will be dedicated to the gun store."

The current store generated from $5,195 to $10,079 in sales tax revenue for the State of Colorado for each of 2013's first three months, and between $5,843 and $11,338 per month to the City of Fort Collins over the same period. Those numbers are expected to go up by 50 percent once the institute is open -- and that's only the beginning. "USA Liberty Arms projects overall sales revenue at the Liberty Firearms Institue of $10M the first year," the document states.

CBS4 reports that USA Liberty Arms hopes to break ground on the project next month and open for business in August 2014..

Continue for more institute graphics, followed by a video further describing the plan. Continue for more institute graphics, followed by a video further describing the plan. Here's the aforementioned CBS4 report.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.