Photos: "Colorado" = orgasms and 10 nice/mean Urban Dictionary definitions

Last month, we shared ten weird Urban Dictionary definitions of the word "Denver" -- and if anything, the attempts to define "Colorado" are even stranger. They vary from absolutely loving our fair state to loathing it -- so we've pitted the nice and the mean against each other. Page down to see five pro and con definitions apiece, with the last pair guaranteed to get you hot and bothered. Number 5 CON: Chairman of the bored Definition: A place where the weather changes from freezing cold to heat stroke inducing in matter of days (not an exaggeration). Where you're either a yuppie, snowboard bum or non-English speaking. If it weren't for the great snowboarding and skiing, Colorado would collapse into itself due to all the boredom of all people existing on it.

"So where's the ocean?"

"Um there is none... but we can go to Chatfield, a big pond with huge jagged rocks on the bottom and smelly green polluted water and call it the ocean."

Number 5 PRO: You'll be back! Definition: A place that is the most entertaining state in the history of the world and you say people wanna leave...but the high school kids who go out of state for college transfer back because its THAT good.

I am transfering back to Colorado because the East Coast is not as relaxed nor entertaining.

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