Photos: Colorado Springs named second-worst-dressed city despite these great looks?

Movoto, the same website that said Denver was the tenth nerdiest city in America, recently declared Colorado Springs to be the second-worst-dressed city, behind only...well, the complete list is below.

Really, Movoto? We think you're being unfair to our brothers and sisters to the south -- and to prove it, we've assembled ten great looks associated with Colorado Springs to show that the folks there are plenty stylish. Count down our examples below, and be prepared to eat your list!

Number 10: Pastor No matter the denomination (and Colorado Springs boasts every flavor of Christian, with some other varieties thrown in there, too -- really), religious leaders dress to impress higher powers, and mere mortals, too. This guy proves that real men wear skirts, sashes and bling. That cross sets off the rest of the outfit perfectly! Number 9: Member of the military The Springs is home to the Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson and plenty of other military installations. And that means lots of soldiers who really know how to work that camo. Continue for more great looks from second-worst-dressed-city Colorado Springs. Number 8: Cowboy Colorado Springs remains in touch with its Western heritage, and not just because it was once served as the headquarters for the Professional Bull Riders organization. Plenty of dudes and dudettes in the area can wear a Stetson without looking like they've donned a Halloween costume. Can you? Number 7: Cyclist The hilly terrain in and around the Springs makes it perfect for cycling -- and given that residents of the city are regularly heralded as among the most fit in the nation, most of them look mighty good in their biking togs. Ride on. Continue for more great looks from second-worst-dressed-city Colorado Springs. Number 6: Firefighter Granted, this look doesn't work for every occasion. But when Waldo Canyon is in flames and your house is about to turn to ashes, there's no outfit that's hotter. Number 5: Goddess Colorado Springs boasts the Garden of the Gods -- and just because we've never seen any of gods and goddesses when we've visited doesn't mean they're not there, and looking heavenly. Oh ye of little faith. Continue for more great looks from second-worst-dressed-city Colorado Springs. Number 4: Olympic athlete Many of the U.S. Olympic Team's training facilities are located in Colorado Springs. And whether these athletes are in their official training outfits or casual clothes that no doubt fit their rippling biceps and lithe frames perfectly, calling them badly dressed is downright un-American. Number 3: Farmer Okay, maybe this guy isn't a real farmer. But we bet there are lots of men of the soil who look just like him. Continue for more great looks from second-worst-dressed-city Colorado Springs. Number 2: Outdoorsman Most people who live in Colorado Springs enjoy communing with nature -- and there aren't many things sexier than that no matter what you're wearing. Number 1: Republican The conservative suit. The power tie. What's not to love?

The Movoto list of worst-dressed cities:

1. Wichita, KS 2. Colorado Springs, CO 3. El Paso, TX 4. Jacksonville, FL 5. Louisville, KY 6. Tulsa, OK 7. Albuquerque, NM 8. San Antonio, TX 9. Milwaukee, WI 10. Indianapolis, IN

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