Photos: Colorado's new logo inspires more Peak parodies

The marketing mavens behind makingcolorado.gov, the state's rebranding campaign, quickly realized they needed to emphasize altitude. Colorado is "king of the mountains," points out Aaron Kennedy, the state's chief marketing officer. Still, pushing altitude also created another dilemma: They didn't want a logo-slogan combo that might confuse being in the highest state with getting high. But the Colorado lovers who quickly created parodies of the new brand were under no such restrictions.

When polling residents about the campaign, "quite a number of contributions referred to Amendment 64," Kennedy admits. "But the mountains capture people's hearts."

And so do the brand parodies that started popping up as soon as the new brand was announced -- several of which emphasize a real Rocky Mountain high. Attorney Robert Corry sent us this variation on the new logo, created by associate Travis Simpson, a lawyer and award-winning artist, with an accompanying variation on the "It's Our Nature" slogan: "The Shit's Our Nature!"

Other parodies stuck to the simple and sweet: And another one simply pointed out strange coincidences in signs that already existed. No creative work was needed for this: Have you found more logo similarities/parodies? Post them below. And by the way, isn't that the state flag that's still the logo on the home page of makingcolorado.gov?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.