Photos: FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division

Last week, the FBI added onetime Coloradan Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias to its Ten Most Wanted list. In conjunction with this announcement, the agency also put together two other most-wanted compilations focused on Denver, including one called the "Top Ten Fugitives Arrested/Located Within the Denver Division" -- although, strangely enough, there are fourteen of them. Guess math wasn't their best subject. Look below to see vintage mug shots of the entire group, including crimes committed and the dates when they were among the ten most wanted fugitives in the country. Daniel Jay Barney: Dates listed: 3/10/81-4/19/81 Sexual assault, armed burglary, escape

"Barney took four hostages in a condominium in Denver, Colorado. After two escaped and the police negotiated the release of the other two hostages, Barney killed himself."

Everett Leroy Biggs: Dates listed: 11/21/66-12/1/66 Armed robbery, bank robbery

"Due to an FBI investigation, Biggs was arrested in Broomfield, Colorado."

James Robert Bishop: Dates listed:1/10/66-1/21/66 Armed robbery

"Bishop was arrested in Aspen, Colorado, by the FBI after a citizen recognized him from an Identification Order. He had been working as a kitchen helper."

Continue for more of the FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division. Harry H. Burton Dates listed: 3/9/51-2/7/52 Murder

"Burton was arrested in Cody, Wyoming, by the local Sheriff and FBI. His arrest is attributed to the True Detective Mysteries radio broadcast."

Daniel Abram Everhart: Dates listed: 8/17/55-10/9/55 Robbery

"Due to an FBI investigation, Everhart was arrested in Denver, Colorado."

Edward Eugene Harper Dates listed: 11/29/08-7/23/09 Conspiracy to commit sexual battery, child fondling, sexual battery

"Harper was arrested without incident by the FBI and Wyoming Game and Fish Department in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, where he had been herding sheep."

Continue for more of the FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division. Richard Allen Hunt Dates listed: 5/27/59-6/2/59 Kidnapping, assault with intent to commit murder

"Hunt was arrested by the local sheriff in Thermopolis, Wyoming, after a citizen recognized Hunt from a Wanted Flyer."

Lohman Ray Mays, Jr. Dates listed: 2/15/85-9/23/85 Bank robbery, escape

"Mays was arrested in Cheyenne, Wyoming, by local police."

Chester Anderson McGonigal: Dates listed: 8/14/61-8/17/61 Attempted murder

"McGonigal was arrested in Denver, Colorado, by the FBI after a citizen recognized his photograph in a newspaper."

Continue for more of the FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division. Jack Harvey Raymond: Dates listed: 8/8/55-10/14/55 "One of the top bad-check artists of modern times," according to the Miami News

"Due to an FBI investigation, Raymond was apprehended in Denver, Colorado."

James Ray Renton: Dates listed: 4/7/76-5/9/77 Murder, bond default, parole violator

"Due to an FBI investigation, Renton was arrested in Aurora, Colorado."

John William Sherman: Dates listed: 8/3/79-12/17/81 Sherman allegedly participated in bombings and robberies associated with a notorious radical group.

"John William Sherman was arrested in Golden, Colorado while he was getting into his car outside his residence."

Continue for more of the FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division. Ernest Tait: Dates listed: 07/11/51-07/12/51, 8/16/60-9/10/60 Burglary

"Tait was arrested in Miami, Florida, by the FBI as a direct result of an Associated Press (AP) story published in the Miami Herald and the Miami Daily News. After being apprehended, Tait said he had intended to shoot it out with the police, but he had read the AP story about himself stating he had been added to the 'Top Ten' list and decided not to try to shoot it out with the FBI."

Raymond Edward Young: Dates on the list: 11/12/51-11/16/51 Burglary, assault with a dangerous weapon

"Due to FBI investigation, Young was arrested in Denver, Colorado. Young worked nights at a bakery and was apprehended while loading bread trucks."

More from our Mug Shots archive: "Photos: FBI's updated Ten Most Wanted list -- and the Colorado crime on it."

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