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Photos: Five more nice/nasty definitions of Colorado cities on Urban Dictionary

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Last week, we shared with you five nice/nasty definitions of five Colorado cities -- Boulder, Greeley, Vail, Grand Junction and Denver -- on Urban Dictionary. But those were hardly the only places from our fair state to get the sometimes on-point/often flat-out-crazy treatment from the site's inspired definers.

Look below to see one nice and one nasty definition for another five Colorado communities: Fort Collins, Aspen, Wheat Ridge, Montrose and Colorado Springs. Which of them comes closest to the mark for you?

Fort Collins: The Nice Definition

The most wonderful town in Colorado where the beer flows like wine. Commonly referred to as: Fort Fun, The Fort, and Fo Co. Fo Co po po fo' sho!

Fort Collins: The Nasty Definition

Used to be a small, boring, cow town, oh wait it still IS. Places close too early, if you're under 21 there ain't sh*t to do, the mall is one floor and too small, vanilla valley, not enough places to dance and traffic is worse than Denver.

Continue to read more nice/nasty definitions of Colorado cities on Urban Dictionary. Aspen: The Nice Definition

The sweetest ski town in the WORLD! don't belive the people who call all aspenites animal haters- they not. They are lucky people -rich or poor- to live in the most beautiful environment and they do not take it for granted. Although rich snobs live there, so does the average middle class american families. & They all blend together in such a glorious, wonderful way. + they all share several great loves.......skiing, snowboarding, rafting hiking and more!!! . Plus the skiing is so sick! So if you want to pick on a town where only rich snobs live attack the Hamptons! God bless Aspen.... God bless you all. :)

Aspen: The Nasty Definition

The most over-rated and ridiculously expensive ski resort in colorado. Home of the snooty, fur coat, fur boot and leggings wearing yuppies. A place where PETA would have a hay-day. Where everything is ridiculously over priced and even the fast food dollar menu is $1.50. The main attraction of the resort is celebrity-watching and shopping at the designer stores. The only good time to go is during the infamous X-games which brings in normal people who actually ski and snowboard instead of going to look pretty in fur on the mountain. Also a term to describe somebody who is snooty or wearing too much fur.

That woman with her 20 facelifts and breast implants is so aspen.

I went to aspen this weekend and now I cant even afford food for a week.

Continue to read more nice/nasty definitions of Colorado cities on Urban Dictionary. Wheat Ridge: The Nice Definition

A small burb west of Denver having around 33,000 citizens.

Home of the Coors Bottle Company, the city is known as the Carnation Capitol of the World and for the rich wheat fields that once occupied the land. A great small town in the middle of the big city!

Wheat Ridge, Colorado... a great hometown!

Wheat Ridge: The Nasty Definition

A suburb of denver colorado easily the shittiest city in colorado it's ugly and everyone is dirt poor and extremely rude wow wheatridge really sucks i can't believe you got pulled over by the same cop three times this week.

Continue to read more nice/nasty definitions of Colorado cities on Urban Dictionary. Montrose: The Nice Definition

unmistakable human beings believed to be delivered to this planet to serve as a model for human evolution. montrose is already there.

Montrose: The Nasty Definition

A small town on the western slope of Colorado. Previously known for the highest teen pregnancy rate and a high level of meth-heads. More recently famous for a seventeen year old girl having her throat slashed in the high school before classes began one day.

People complain about there being nothing to do..but hey, Dennys and Wal-Mart are open 24 hours!!

1. "Montrose is such a nice quiet town."

2. "Yeah, all the drugs and school stabbings are so very nice."

"Montrose High School is SKETCH!"

Continue to read more nice/nasty definitions of Colorado cities on Urban Dictionary. Colorado Springs: The Nice(r) Definition

Founded in the late 1800's by General William Jackson Palmer, it is Colorado's second-largest city. It is cradled between the Rockies to the west and the Monument Divide to the North. It is 6,000 feet above sea level, with a population of about 375,000. The weather can be erratic, going from sun to rain, ro sun again, in a matter of minutes. Some of its attractions, in and around the area, are Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, North Pole, and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Some of Colorado Springs' surrounding cities and towns include, Fountain, Security, Ft. Carson, Black Forest, and Canon City(pronounced canyon).

Also referred to as C-Town, The Springs, and other names.

"Man, this weather is crazy. We must be in the Springs by now."

"The Springs?"

"Yeah. Colorado SPRINGS."

Colorado Springs: The Nasty Definition

Colorado Springs is a decently sized town in Colorado that is about 80 miles south of Colorado's capital, Denver. There is absolutely nothing to do here, unless you're over 21, but still. There are movie theaters, and two stupid malls. Oh ya... Skate City. C-town (as we like to call it) is popular because it is right by Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods is here. (Anyone up for hiking?) And Colorado's biggest Evangelical church is here, New Life Church. It is also home to millions of teenagers who have no lives...because there's nothing to do in Colorado Springs. Oh, yes, and it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. And it is notorious for uber fast weather changes.

Teenage Visitor: It's fucking cold.

Colorado Spings native:If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it'll be different.

Teenage visitor: There's nothing to do here.

Colorado Springs native: OH, I know, let's go to Walgreens!

Becky: I wanna go back to Miami.

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