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Photos: Have you seen Loyal Merrick's missing drone?

Last year, we posted about an unusual missing flier, from the owner of a Volkswagen whose mohawk was stolen. (The VW's in my neighborhood, and I'm sorry to report that the mohawk's never rematerialized). Now, however, there's a new one that may be even weirder.

The flier offers a reward for a missing...drone?

Talk about a sign of the times. Get details and see photos and videos below.

Drone owner Loyal Merrick's gadget is definitely his pride and joy, as indicated by recent Facebook posts. Here's a recently shared photo:

The text accompanying the shot reads: "Meet Horizon-1. Storm Drone 6, Naza M V2, Tarot 2d gimbal to control the Go Pro Camera, deluxe First person view (FVP) system that feeds from the Go Pro, and it even feeds to my Iphone, live and controls the Go Pro real time as well. Did my first fully loaded flights this evening. Spectacular views, easy to control. Amazing video/photo platform. I'm very lucky to have a wife that supports my dreams!"

Those dreams include using the drone (reportedly worth $2,000) and the aforementioned GoPro camera (price tag: $400) to start an aerial photography business.

Merrick also posted the following video starring the drone:

But then, something went terribly wrong. As he told 7News, Merrick was flying the drone near Rosedale Elementary, a currently closed school at 2330 Sherman Street, when it began floating away.

Merrick responded by hitting a fail-safe switch on his controller, but the craft didn't respond. Before long, it was out of sight.

A search for the drone proved fruitless. So Merrick followed in the footsteps of folks whose pets take a powder and started plastering fliers all over his neighborhood.

Here's a look at the message, as seen in 7News coverage:

If you find the drone, please call Merrick at the number above. It's the Loyal thing to do.

Look below to see the 7News report.

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