Photos: Inside the University of Denver's presidential debate swag bag

Anyone who doubts the presidential debate in Denver today is a big friggin' deal should take a dive inside the swag bag the University of Denver is giving to media covering the event. Upon close inspection -- i.e. giddy dumping of contents on the floor -- we found all sorts of surprising goods: some edible, some health-oriented and some sure to endure as mementos of another political happening that puts Denver in the spotlight.

Below are photos of the small perks -- some very, very small -- of reporting at the first of three presidential debates, conveniently located in the key swing state of Colorado.

Water bottle Lip balm, hand sanitizer, a sunscreen stick Tiny pin Baseball hat Continue for more swag. Snack (gluten-free!) Pen, magnet Notebook, flash drive Sources! Continue for more swag. The swag bag The sponsors The whole package

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