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Photos: Jenny Kush, cannabis-scene star, killed in wrong-way crash on I-25

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The Denver Police Department has not officially released the name of the woman killed in a wrong-way crash on Interstate 25 over the weekend -- but she's been identified by her friends and loved ones as Jenny Kush, a colorful, outspoken and much adored member of the local cannabis community. As those close to Kush make plans to remember her at an event tomorrow night (full details below), the woman charged with causing her death -- Rebecca Maez, 27 -- remains in custody on suspicion of vehicular homicide and driving under the influence.

Kush was both an outspoken cannabis-reform advocate and the host of Sexpot Radio, which aired live twice weekly on iCannabisRadio.com.

The shows were captured on video -- there are dozens of them available at the first link above -- and are true to the program's name; they feature sexual advice from a distinctively weed-friendly perspective. In the ones we sampled, Kush comes across as bright, full of life and not self-conscious in the slightest about celebrating what she clearly saw as two of the most joyous experiences anyone can have.

The same tone emanates from her still-online Facebook page, which features a slew of memorable photos. Here's one example....

...and another.... ...and another: On Friday night, Kush and her boyfriend attended a concert in Denver. But shortly after hitting the road, tragedy struck.

What happened?

Continue for more about Jenny Kush's death and the upcoming celebration of her life, including more photos and a video. At 12:58 a.m. Saturday, according to the Denver Police Department, officers responded to the I-25 high-occupancy-vehicle lane near Park Avenue West after receiving a call about a two-car collision.

The DPD release notes that the HOV lanes were flowing northbound at the time of the accident -- and that's the direction Kush, a passenger in the car, and her boyfriend, the driver, were heading.

Unfortunately, the vehicle piloted by Maez was going southbound and slammed head-on into the other car. Kush's boyfriend survived the crash, and CBS4 reports that he's already out of the hospital. But Kush succumbed to her injuries.

Although Maez was also taken to the hospital, it appears by her mug shot that she was not badly hurt. Nonetheless, she remains in serious trouble. She's being held on suspicion of vehicular homicide and driving under the influence, with the latter allegation one she's faced in the past in relation to both alcohol and drugs.

Paul Garrett, who shared his remembrances of Jenny with CBS4, is not focusing on Maez's fate. He has put together what a Facebook event page calls a "Celebration of the Life of Jenny Kush." Here's how the get-together is described:

We will be getting together at the Hoodlab in Denver on Wednesday evening to be together to celebrate the life of our wonderful friend Jenny Kush. We ask everyone to bring with them good vibes, memories of Jenny to share, and lots of love and hugs! Come decked out in any attire that reminds of your Jenny: unicorns, rainbows, purple or anything else that brings a smile to your face when you think of her.

For more about the event, which gets underway at 7 p.m. tomorrow, click here. In the meantime, our sincere condolences to Kush's friends, family and loved ones.

Here's the CBS4 report, followed by Maez's mug shot.

More from our Colorado Crimes archive circa October 2011: "Johnny Hockaday: Vehicular homicide charge in DUI-Wax Trax crash that killed Roland Stith."

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