Photos: Kalie Kerr allegedly opens fire on roommate who didn't pay her rent

If police are right, shortchanging Kalie Kerr can have dangerous consequences.

The nineteen-year-old has been accused of responding to a roommate who failed to pay her rent by opening fire.

Kerr's Facebook page is filled with portraits like this one....

...and this one.... well as I-mean-business graphics including her current profile pic.... ...and this recent share: Against this backdrop comes a report from the Colorado Springs Police Department about an incident at an apartment on the 1600 block of North Murray. The area is captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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At about 1:48 a.m. on May 18, cops say officers were dispatched on a report of shots fired. Upon their arrival, they quizzed the reporting party, a male who said two females had attempted to force their way inside his place to get to a female friend of his.

One of the women trying to gain entry was subsequently identified as Kerr. She's said to have been armed with a handgun that she pointed at the guy.

The man was able to shut the door, he told officers, and the two women left. But a short time later, shots were fired from the parking lot, with one slug entering the apartment.

What was the motive for the shooting? The female target of the women offered one possibility. She said she lived in an apartment on Arlington Drive with Kerr, who'd been angry because she hadn't paid her rent. Kerr underscored her emotions by pulling a gun, the woman said, prompting her to flee to the man's apartment -- where Kerr allegedly found her.

Not long thereafter, Kerr was found and arrested on a charge of suspected felony menacing. But on the plus side, we figure her future roommates are a lot more apt to be on time with their rent.

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