Photos: Meet Hugo, newborn son of Caleb Medley, wounded in Aurora theater shooting

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Update: Yesterday, in an item below, we shared the story of Caleb Medley, a budding stand-up comic horribly wounded in the Aurora theater shootings. He attended the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises with his wife, Katie, only days before she was due to deliver their first child, and we're thrilled to report that a baby named Hugo Jackson Medley was born shortly after our post appeared. Here's a look at this beautiful child and his mom. This photo, and the ones below, were shared on the Support Caleb Medley Facebook page, which serves a slew of purposes, including raising funds for Caleb's treatment and recovery (nearly $200,000 has been pledged to date) and keeping friends, loved ones and just plain folks up to date on the Medley family in the wake of Friday's tragedy.

Here's a note about Hugo's arrival, after a mere 36 hours of labor, and Caleb's condition:

Just an update, Caleb is still in critical condition, but is stable and is showing multiple signs of improvement. Caleb has been to three surgeries so far, and is looking better every day. Katie has had her baby, Hugo, at 0711 this morning, he is 7 lbs 4 oz, 18 ½ inches long, and looks very healthy! Katie took Hugo down to the ICU hours after birth to share a moment with her husband Caleb (who is still in a medically induced coma). Caleb showed signs that he could recognize that Katie and his newborn son were with him in the room. His blood pressure rose, his pulse rose, and he was squeezing Katie's hand harder than he has since he's been in the hospital.

Obviously, Caleb faces a long and uncertain road. But at least he will have Katie and Hugo to accompany him. Here are more photos of the latest Medley.

Page down to read our previous coverage, featuring Caleb and Katie Medley's story. Original item, 6:46 a.m. July 24: Yesterday, we highlighted the Facebook tribute and fundraiser for Rebecca Wingo, one of twelve people murdered in the Aurora theater shootings.

There's a similar Facebook page devoted to Caleb Medley, a fledgling comedian who survived the assault but sustained terrible injuries only days before his wife was due to deliver their first child.

Here's how Medley, who grew up in Florence, describes himself on his website, CalebMedley.com:

Caleb Medley is a young, up and coming standup comedian and actor in the Denver area. Ready to perform at the drop of a hat, Caleb has a technique all his own. His down to earth style, Caleb can make you laugh at the most mundane but still true to life situations. With a variety of productions under his belt Caleb draws experience from his time in the theater and time spent in the clubs. Caleb stands tall (and wide) in world with plenty of room.

The site details Medley's marriage to his high-school sweetheart, Katie, who's said to be a veterinary-school student; their move to Aurora; his job history (Walmart, then Target, then Walmart again) and dreams of stand-up comedy glory; and Katie's unexpected pregnancy with a boy who they decided early on to name Hugo.

Then, the tale takes a grim turn with this account of their attendance at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises:

They were having the normal opening night movie experience. They stood anxiously in line, spent too much on popcorn and soda, suffered through the movie trailers and watched the beginning of the movie. That is when evil struck.

Evil came to them through a man that opened fire in that theater. Many people were killed, even more were injured. Katie and Baby Hugo made it uninjured, but Caleb was struck in the face by the gun fire.

Now Caleb is in the hospital. He has lost his right eye, has some brain damage and doctors have put him in a medically induced coma.

As reported by the Denver Post, Caleb's father-in-law, David Sanchez, turned up at James Holmes's first court appearance yesterday. According to him, Katie was to have been induced that same day -- and while there's been no update on the Facebook page yet, we hope Hugo is here and in perfect health.

In the meantime, the family has set up a WePay site for donations to offset Medley's sure-to-be-mammoth medical bills, not to mention the rehabilitation he'll no doubt need. Thus far, the campaign has raised more than $59,000.

Look below to see a video of Medley on stage, and click here to check out a 2010 podcast of him cracking wise during a happier time.

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