Photos: Mitt Romney says our rights come from God in Jeffco speech

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"I'll tell you what, it has been an interesting week," Romney said at the start of the rally, held on the campus of D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School in Jefferson County. "The president was being interviewed and I guess he said something a little unusual. He said, you know, you can't change Washington from the inside, you can only change it from the outside. We are going to give him that chance on November 6th!"

The comment earned him loud applause from the crowd of thousands, who waited for hours before Romney finally arrived -- about a half hour later than scheduled.

"Now and then, when I go to various rallies like this, there'll be a couple of people who will start chanting, 'Four more years, four more years,'" Romney said. "That's fine. They can express their First Amendment right. I usually follow up with asking these questions: Do you want four more years of 8 percent or higher unemployment?"

"No!" the crowd shouted back in unison.

"Do you want four more years with 23 million Americans struggling to find a good job?"


"Do you want four more years where every single year, median incomes go down?" he said. "Do you want four more years where half the kids coming out of college can't find a college-level job?"

"No!" the crowd continued.

"It's very clear," Romney said. "We can't afford four more years like the last four years. That's why we're going to get change finally in Washington that the people of America deserve."

The presidential candidate presented Obama's reelection as a dangerous plan to stick to the status quo, which has not worked, he said.

"He's going to continue the policies of the last four years. He calls his campaign slogan 'Forward,'" Romney pointed out.

"Over a cliff!" interjected a supporter.

"I think forewarned is...better," Romney noted, adding, "In November, we will get him out of office.... This is the state to do it.... I'm counting on Colorado."

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