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Photos: Most and least surprising celebrity stoners

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Celebrities are speaking out in favor of Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, whether it be robocalling Susan Sarandon or the famous folks featured on MarijuanaMajority.com. And they're not alone. Our friends at CelebStoner.com have spent years assembling a roster of the top 54 celeb stoners. Who are the most and least surprising entries on the list? Here are our top five picks in each category. Fifth most surprising celebrity stoner: Anthony Bourdain Bourdain is best known for getting high on food on programs such as No Reservations. But as Celeb Stoner points out, he partied hard in the '80s and '90s, as detailed in this excerpt from the 2000 book Kitchen Confidential: "We were high all the time, sneaking off to the walk-in refrigerator at every opportunity to 'conceptualize.' Hardly a decision was made without drugs. Cannabis, methaqualone, cocaine, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms soaked in honey and used to sweeten tea, secobarbital, tuinal, amphetamine, codeine and, increasingly, heroin, which we'd send a Spanish-speaking busboy over to Alphabet City to get in." Fifth least surprising celebrity stoner: Matthew McConaughey McConaughey may not have been cast in the movie Dazed and Confused because of his familiarity with kush, but it certainly didn't hurt. As Celeb Stoner notes, "the actor was arrested in Austin in 1999 for possessing marijuana and paraphernaila, and for playing loud music with fellow Dazed and Confused alum Cole Hauser. Observed banging the bongos naked, this made for amusing tabloid headlines. The pot charges were dropped, and he paid a $50 fine for the noise violation." Continue to see the rest of our most and least surprising celebrity stoners list. Fourth most surprising celebrity stoner: Amy Poehler As newly elected Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, Poehler is the very model of a public servant. But as Celeb Stoner points out, the public service she provided during her many years on Saturday Night Live often included "Weekend Update" pot jokes. Two examples:

"Rapper Snoop Dogg was given a desk appearance ticket Wednesday night in New York for possession of marijuana. Snoop called the ticket unfair and hard to roll."

"Whern you're doing something illegal you need to speak in code. When I call up my weed dealer and I ask for $50 worth of circus tickets, you know what he doesn't give me? Circus tickets! Really!"

Fourth least surprising celebrity stoner: Zach Galifianakis Many of Galifianakis's movie characters smoke the ganja, and so did he during an episode of Bill Maher's HBO panel show Real Time -- or so it appeared. (Maher claimed it was "cloves or something.") And during a bit for a 2011 SNL guest spot, Celeb Stoner notes that he pointed to an easel whose messages included "Clap if you endorse legalized marijuana" and "I smoke so much pot sometimes I forget to smoke it." Continue to see the rest of our most and least surprising celebrity stoners list. Third most surprising celebrity stoner: Barney Frank The curmudgeonly veteran legislator makes the Celeb Stoner grade not because he's frequently seen in public with his most favoritest bong, but because he's introduced legislation such as the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Acts, "which would have decriminalized the possession of 100 grams of marijuana," Celeb Stoner points out. As for his personal use of marijuana, he's once told CNN, "I did have a brownie once. It made me sleepy." Third least surprising celebrity stoner: Seth Rogen Contrary to popular belief, Rogen has appeared in films that have failed to mention cannabis, including Kung Fu Panda and Horton Hears a Hoo -- although anecdotal evidence suggests that some people like to watch these flicks after indulging. But Pineapple Express wasn't named for a popular tropical fruit, and he brings undeniable authority to dialogue like this excerpt from The 40-Year-Old Virgin: "You're not gonna get with anyone unless you play the odds on this, man," Cal counsels. "You need to plant a lot of seeds. It's like this: When I was growing pot, I realized that the more seeds I planted, the more pot I could ultimately smoke.." Continue to see the rest of our most and least surprising celebrity stoners list. Second most surprising celebrity stoner: Harrison Ford Indiana Jones is a pot head? Well, as Celeb Stoner concedes, Ford has never publicly spoken about an affinity for marijuana, nor has he played an on-screen character who exhibited a profound need for weed. But at a 2002 NORML conference, the aforementioned Bill Maher named him and entrepreneur Ted Turner as "prominent people...who smoke a lot of pot" and should come out of the cannabis closet. In addition, he said that marijuana "probably" should be legalized in a 1997 interview. Second least surprising celebrity stoner: Woody Harrelson Harrelson is extremely outspoken on the subject of marijuana, and his activism doesn't stop there. Note that he's a big advocate for hemp -- the substance from which a suit he wore to an Oscar ceremony was made. A quote from a 2001 Seattle Hempfest appearance: "I recently decided to stop smoking, but I thought more about it and decided I didn't want to be a quitter!" Continue to see the rest of our most and least surprising celebrity stoners list. Most surprising celebrity stoner: Barack Obama These days, the President of the United States downplays his pot past -- and under his administration, the Justice Department's eye has not been entirely blind when it comes to enforcing federal marijuana laws on businesses in states that have legalized MMJ (like this one). But in his 1995 book Dreams of My Father, he wrote, "Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it." And in a 2005 comment to Northwestern University students that some will read with a certain irony, he reportedly said, "The War on Drugs has been an utter failure. We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws." Least surprising celebrity stoner: Tommy Chong Do we really need to explain?

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