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Photos: Movoto's top 10 things Denverites know to be true

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What is the first thing you think of when you think of Colorado? Skiing? The Broncos? Movoto.com recently published their list of "10 things Denverites know to be true," and you can bet the Broncos, snow and a few others are on there. What do you think of Movoto.com's list?

Let us know in the comments which truths they left out about the Mile High City.

10. In Denver "haute couture" translates to North Face

You could probably describe the style in Denver as...outdoorsy. If wicks moisture, enhances performance or prevents chafing Denverites want to put it on their bodies. Let's just say they could single-handedly keep the microfleece industry afloat. But to be fair Denverites are a very active people, so all that wicking and chafe resistance comes in handy.

9. In the suburbs you're S.O.L. without an SUV

It's not hard to find a mom in Lululemon yoga pants driving her kids back and forth to soccer practice in her SUV. If you're in the center the city is pretty walkable, but the car is totally necessary when you live in the 'burbs. If you're sticking to downtown, the city's bike sharing program makes it easy to get around, while being green--another thing Denverites can't get enough of.

8. Native Denverite? Never heard of it.

Most people in Denver are transplants, usually from states like Texas or California. But who can blame them? This place has the low taxes Californians want and the cooler weather Texans don't know they want, yet.

Read on for more of Movoto's top 10 things Denverites know to be true. 7. Denver knows how to put the "high" in "Mile High City"

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, Denver residents get to be pretty open about their favorite pastime. Let's just say that marijuana dispensaries are the new Starbucks. But instead of getting wired, you get weird. Sorry we're too high to think of a better punchline to that joke.

6. You learn to snowboard or G.T.F.O.

Come on, the Rockies are right there. It's practically mandatory you take up some kind of winter sport when you live here. You can pick up a Denver-made Never Summer snowboard at Emage sporting goods store. Then its off to the slopes. Loveland Ski Area is only an hour away, while Keystone & Breckenridge Resort, and Copper Mountain Ski Resort are a mere hour and a half drive. This is where all that microfleece comes in handy. And truth be told, a little of the pot, too.

5. Denver has the best craft beer--if you disagree, keep it to yourself, lest we judge you.

Gee, where in Five Points are we going to drink tonight? If it's craft brewing you're looking for, look no further. Denver's got you covered. First up, swing by The Great Divide Brewing Co. Tap room for a pint of Yeti Imperial Stout, and then head over to Renegade Brewing Co. and grab and icy cold Elevation IPA.

Read on for more of Movoto's top 10 things Denverites know to be true. 4. We believe that the best offense is a good defense (industry)

Who do we work for? That answer is complex. Military industrial complex. Boom. Best joke, ever. Don't argue, we have the heavy weaponry. That's right plenty of government geeks make their living working for companies like Lockheed Martin, but it's not all Denver has going for it. Bioscience, energy, and IT are all big employers in the area.

3. Denverites Are United In Orange and Ready To Ride

No one messes with the Broncos! Plenty of cities are proud of their home team but Denver literally transforms during football season, turning into veritable a sea of orange and blue. What's that you say? What about Superbowl XLVIII? Never happened. Never. Happened.

2. Denver didn't get the memo about the whole Wild West thing being over

Whether it's for self-defense, hunting, or sport, guns are a part of life in Colorado, like much of the West. If owning a gun is important to you than this is the place to be. Which is just one of the reasons why...

1. Ron Swanson is our spirit animal

Denverites take a very libertarian approach to life, after all this is where South Park comes from. Denver is a frontier town, so it's no surprise it has an independent streak to it. Whether you're liberal or conservative, most here are more of the "live and let live" persuasion.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.