Photos: New looks for new candidates Bob Beauprez and Cory Gardner

When GQ offered to make over Colorado Congressman Jared Polis -- caught on camera wearing a polo shirt with a bow tie -- we couldn't resist offering our own makeover suggestions for the Boulder Democrat.

So when two Republicans recently announced they were going to join the hordes going for statewide office in November, we felt it only fair to offer updates for Bob Beauprez, now running (again) for governor, and Congressman Cory Gardner, who's aiming to unseat Mark Udall in the U.S. Senate.

As the U.S. Representative for the fourth congressional district, Cory Gardner covers a lot of territory.

But most of it is rural and conservative.

So conservative that some counties in his general vicinity recently voted to secede from Colorado and launch a new state.

Now that he's going for a statewide seat, he'll need to tread some unfamiliar turf.

If he wants to move up from the House to the Senate, a mountain man look could help him cut into Udall's environmental constituency....

Mountain Man Cory

...or maybe, to dirty up that Howdy Doody image, Gardner should rev up his bad-boy self -- and hit the road as a biker. Talk about vroom service!

Badass Biker Cory Continue to see our makeover suggestions for Bob Beauprez. Bob Beauprez was a Colorado congressman when he first ran for Colorado governor in 2006.

But that didn't give him a legislative leg up on Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter, who easily won the office.

And it didn't help when Beauprez's inept campaign put the dairy owner, who should have known better, at the wrong end of a horse.

This time around, Beauprez would be smart to play to incumbent Governor John Hickenlooper's strengths.

After all, the former brewpub owner definitely knows how to pour on the small-business charm....

Bob the Beerman

But Hickenlooper's opposition to Amendment 64 also provides Beauprez with an opportunity to pounce on the pro-pot vote....

Bob the Budman

Beauprez can't go wrong with either of these looks -- because both of them are positively intoxicating.

From our Politics archive: "Photos: Top ten new looks for Jared Polis."

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