Photos: Nine Best Colorado Counties to Land a Tech Job

Last month, we shared a roster of the ten best U.S. cities for tech jobs — including one city from Colorado.

But what are the best places for tech jobs within Colorado?

The folks at have the answers, with specific data on the nine Colorado counties that placed highest, plus a heat map that offers details on all the rest with just a click.

No surprise that the county that encompasses the city on the previous list topped this one — but some of the other selections are more surprising.

Check out the photo-illustrated top nine below, featuring facts and figures, followed by the heat map.

Number 9: Larimer County
Tech Rating: 86.1
Ecosystem Score: 83.0
Tech Employees: 81.3
Density: 8.8 tech companies per capita

Number 8: Custer County
Tech Rating: 86.2
Ecosystem Score: 87.0
Tech Employees: 80.6
Density: 7.1 tech companies per capita

Number 7: Jefferson County
Tech Rating: 87.0
Ecosystem Score: 84.3
Tech Employees: 81.5
Density: 10.5 tech companies per capita

Number 6: Arapahoe County
Tech Rating: 87.2
Ecosystem Score: 84.6
Tech Employees: 83.1
Density: 10.3 tech companies per capita

Number 5: Denver County
Tech Rating: 87.7
Ecosystem Score: 85.5
Tech Employees: 82.8
Density: 11.3 tech companies per capita

Number 4: Douglas County
Tech Rating: 88.7
Ecosystem Score: 86.5
Tech Employees: 82.2
Density: 14.3 tech companies per capita

Number 3: Pitkin County
Tech Rating: 88.9
Ecosystem Score: 91.2
Tech Employees: 82.8
Density: 11.6 tech companies per capita

Number 2: Broomfield County
Tech Rating: 91.5
Ecosystem Score: 88.4
Tech Employees: 901.1
Density: 17 tech companies per capita

Number 1: Boulder County
Tech Rating: 93.3
Ecosystem Score: 93.3
Tech Employees: 84.3
Density: 23.4 tech companies per capita
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