Photos: Obama wins as many votes by visiting The Sink as talking at CU-Boulder

Way back about 24 hours ago, The Sink, a favorite Boulder eatery for generations, was best known as the spot where actor Robert Redford once worked as a janitor. But the Sundance Kid will have to take second place from here on out. Before delivering a speech at CU-Boulder's Coors Events Center, President Barack Obama got a Sink-ing feeling -- and not just because a girl spilled yogurt on him during a rope-line grip-and-grin outside the restaurant.

Obama reportedly handled this little mishap with aplomb -- and turned it into a laugh line during his talk; see the video below. But he also wowed just about everyone present, including CU student Madalyn Starkey, who got the POTUS to pose for what may be the most awesome presidential photo in the history of the republic. Here it is:

Within an hour or so after Obama had left Boulder in Marine 1, bound for Denver, The Sink had already updated its Facebook page with candid pics of the Prez winning hearts and minds at a student hangout that's suddenly going national.

I ate at The Sink with my CU-student twin daughters a couple of weeks ago. Now I'll probably never be able to get a table there again. Thanks for nothing, Mr. President! Check out the Obama photos (and the yogurt tale clip) below:

Page down to see more photos of President Obama at The Sink. Page down to see more photos of President Obama at The Sink. Page down to see more photos of President Obama at The Sink.

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