Photos: Our Top Five Jeffco School Board Picks for New Sex Ed and Health Classes

When the

Jeffco Public Schools Board of Education

meets on Thursday, October 2, it will pick up the hot-potato topic -- the Curriculum Review Committee -- that has inspired

student walk-outs

across the district, creating an unofficial crash course in civil disobedience in the process. But when new boardmember

Julie Williams first proposed creating a curriculum committee

last month, she wasn't just taking aim at

Advanced Placement U.S. History

, with its pesky emphasis on "civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law." She also suggested that the group's initial projects include a review of the "elementary health curriculum."

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In some very fast revisionist history, fellow boardmember John Newkirk has edited Williams's ditzy drivel into a streamlined draft that the board will consider at the same meeting where it will discuss those student walkouts. Expect a good, healthy civics lesson -- and give a moment of silent thanks that the health curriculum is not on the agenda. Because we can only imagine what Williams would like to purge from Jeffco's sex-ed and science lineups -- and what kind of classes she'd put on the roster instead. In fact, we have imagined them: Here are the Top Five New Jeffco Health Classes: 5) Unions Spread Influence-a! Never mind that with today's social media, a slightly savvy teen can pull together a protest faster than Julie Williams and her crew can log onto AOL. Certain conservatives (hello, Michelle Malkin) still seem to think that the teachers' union is completely behind the student walkouts -- ignoring the fact that the Facebook pages created by the students themselves discourage their peers from joining in the protests unless they actually understand what the protests are about. Starve a crowd, feed a political fever. 4) Familiarity Breeds Attempt Two words: School uniforms. If they come complete with chastity belts, there won't be any need to teach Jeffco kids about sex, anyway. Continue to keep counting down the top five new Jeffco health classes in Julie Williams's curriculum. 3) The Birds and the Bees Who says Jeffco is closed-minded? Under this curriculum, the school system can offer a lesson on where babies come from that should satisfy vegans and carnivores alike: You can find infants in the cabbage patch or order them up from the stork. 2) Last But Not Leech You may not be able to get blood out of a turnip, but if you take the proper political position, you should be able to extract plenty from your blood-sucking supporters across the country. 1) Pray As You Go When in doubt, pray that no one notices the school system has become a very bitter pill.

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