Photos: Previewing Denver Cruiser Ride 2015, Cruisers' 10th Anniversary Season

Hard to believe, but tonight's Denver Cruiser Ride — the first of the 2015 season — marks the tenth anniversary of what is now a Denver staple enjoyed by thousands of lovably crazy folks.

"Wow what a great ride it’s been," notes the DCR crew on its fancy new website. "We are both honored and humbled to have built such an amazing community over the past ten years. No one ever imagined in 2005, when thirteen friends started riding bikes and dressing in costumes that the DCR would become the beloved institution that it has become. Wednesdays will never be the same in Denver, and we are going to have an awesome summer riding bikes with old and new friends!

The following graphic shows the start locations for the 2015 season:

As for this year's themes, they kick off with "Technicolor." Or should we say....

The themes scheduled to follow are a mix of new (marked with an "N") and classic (designated by a "C" or the date when they were last rolled out).

May 27 Decades (C)
June 3 Dress Night (2005)
June 10 When I was 10, I loved_____ (N)
June 17 Bubble Wrap, Duct Tape & Cardboard (2006)
June 24 Bananas (N)
July 1 America F*ck Yeah! (2012)
July 8 Beach Boys & Girls in Bikinis (2008)
July 15 Balloons & Party Hats (2011)
July 22 Knights & Nighties (2009) 
July 29 Analog vs. Digital (N)
Aug 5 Freakshow (N)
Aug 12 Battlestar (N)
Aug 19 MAD MAX (2013)
Aug 26 Wild, Wild West (2010)
Sept 2 Rainbows, Fairies & Unicorns (C)
Sept 9 TBD
Sept 16 Pirates, Sea Men & Mermaids (2007)
Sept 23 People Of Walmart (2014)
Sept 30 Ski Bums & Ski Bunnies (C)

A lot has changed since the first Denver Cruiser Ride, memorialized by this photo just shared on the DCR Facebook page:

The blurb that accompanies the shot notes that "we're looking forward to seeing your smiling faces...rain or stars!"

There may actually be some of the latter, since forecasters are calling for a drier day than we've seen lately. But it's likely to still be cool — not that the temperatures are likely to stop die-hard Cruisers.

For proof, check out the following photos from the final official DCR get-together of 2014, Ullr Fest: Winter Wonderland — and click to see the complete Denver Cruisers' Last Ride of the Season slide show.

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