Photos: See seven suspects wanted in connection with CSU block party turned riot

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Cops tried to disperse the crowd, and the FCPD report makes it seem as if all was going well until the music was shut off, at which point the crowd "became unruly and aggressive, breaking bottles, climbing on streetlight poles, cars, and trees, and throwing bottles at police.

An example of the reaction can be seen in this footage, which shows a door being opened onto a slew of people chanting, "Fuck the police!"

Eventually, the police took stronger measures to get people to scatter. Shortly before 10:30 p.m., a FCPD release notes, "police used pepper ball, OC and CS gas to disperse the crowd."

This video captures one such moment: A person can be heard yelling "Tear gas!" shortly before a fiery explosion in the middle of the street:

Three people were transported to an area hospital for treatment of what the police characterize as minor injuries, and no officers were injured in the confrontation. However, the Coloradoan points out that both the City of Fort Collins and CSU have condemned the happenings.

Not Barstool Sports, though. The site maintains that the blowout cements CSU's rep as an underrated party school. Here's an excerpt:

Beautiful Spring weekend. What else is there to do but go out there and reaffirm you earned a spot on the Top 10 Underrated Party Schools in America list? Of course you can always stick with a good old fashioned family friendly riot as opposed to fighting cops like dickheads, but shit happens when you party I guess.
Continue for more videos from this weekend's CSU block party.
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