Photos: Shotgun Willie's strip club to auction off stages, mirrors and more from old building

Want to own a piece of Shotgun Willie's?

The legendary Glendale strip club recently shut its doors forever -- and moved into a brand new building next door. The original building, which Shotgun Willie's called home starting in 1982, will eventually be demolished to make way for much-needed road improvements. But before the wrecking ball arrives, The Gun is auctioning off several pieces of strip-club history, including its iconic sign.

Continue to see some of the items up for bid.

The auction is being hosted by Roller Auctions and will take place online. Today, from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m., prospective bidders can inspect the more than two hundred items for sale at the old Shotgun Willie's, located on the corner of Colorado Boulevard and East Virginia Avenue.

The items are a mix of practical and sentimental pieces. They include artificial ferns, light-up dance stages complete with poles and knee pads, mirrors etched with the Shotgun Willie's logo, strobe lights, kitchen equipment, televisions, a tampon dispenser, a shoeshine chair, DJ speakers and a black vinyl couch ringed with pink neon lights.

"There's quite a few pieces that are going to be keepsake pieces," says manager Michele Poague. For instance, she says, "We have an etched mirror over the back bar, and one of our girls modeled for the picture itself. She hasn't been with us for a long time but she used to dance under the name Ivy.... There are some people who know these girls."

Here's a look at a few of the items up for bid. Get those dollars ready!

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