Photos: Ten Bizarre Denver Terms on Urban Dictionary

This past summer, we shared our picks for the most memorable definitions of "Denver" on Urban Dictionary. But there are plenty of other Denver-oriented terms that are even more bizarre. Some are so disgusting we would feel wrong subjecting you to them: Look up "Denver Mudslide" only if you enjoy grossing yourself out. But others skirt the line between strange and hilarious. See what we mean below.

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Number 10: Denver Omlette The act of placing your nutsac on the back tire of a bicycle, then having someone mount the bicycle, and begin to ride it, skipping and smacking your balls around.

"Dude, why are you limping?"

"I got soooo drunk and decided to make a Denver Omlette."

"Sounds good!"

"No dude... my testicles got smashed..."

Number 9: Denver Sandwich A Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb (preferred) and a Snickers bar. Generally munched after catching a major cannabis buzz.

"Man, that J hit the spot, now I'm jonesing for a Denver sandwich."

"Okay, I'll whip in to this 7-11 and you can score one."

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