Photos: Ten bleeding, crying icons inspired by Weeping Madonna statue's Colorado tour

A Weeping Madonna statue is currently touring Archdiocese of Denver parishes and is on view at St. Catherine of Sienna church today; click here for the schedule through April 22.

The phenomenon of statues or icons that weep blood, oil or even Myrrh is certainly a fascinating one, and there are dozens of examples on the Visions of Jesus Christ website. We've collected photos and text excerpts from ten of the most unusual. Check them out below, and click the links to read the complete items.

Blood weeping Infant Jesus of Cava Dei Tirreni

This Infant Jesus has an unusual history. A Franciscan priest from Cava Dei Tirreni (Salerno, Italy), Fr Luiggi, went to Israel in Oct. 2010 and found this statue, which he bought right away. Back in Italy, he put down the package in a room in the monastery and went to bed. The next day a very sweet voice woke him up, "Open up, I am choking!" He became flustered. Then he went to open the package he had brought back from Israel. And there, the statue has shed tears of blood!

Our Lady of Lourdes cried tears of oil: Rockingham, Australia

On March 19th, 2002 Patty came home from work and was sitting out in the shrine area and looked over at Our Lady and saw two shiny streaks running down her face. She thought that it looked like tears and got up to examine them closer and found that indeed it was tears. She felt overcome and saddened that Our Lady was crying and felt like it was her mother crying. She asked Our Lady "what can I do to help you"? On waking the next morning and going out to the shrine she noticed that the face was dry. About 10 days later on Good Friday Our Lady again wept until Easter Monday. She then wept in June on the Feast of Corpus Christi.

Continue for more stories about bleeding, crying statues and icons inspired by the Weeping Madonna's Colorado tour. The Weeping and Bleeding Jesus statue in Bolivia

During Holy Week of 1995, the miraculous occurrence took place repeatedly during the recital of the Rosary. Since then, the number of devotees to the Crying Christ have grown to around a thousand, one hundred of which were standing in front of the statue when its eyes shed tears. The watery liquid afterward transformed into a blood-like substance that gives an impressive countenance on the face of Christ. This weeping icon is closely associated with the visionaries Catalina Rivas and Nancy Fowler.

Weeping Blessed Mother statues, Africa

Currently, many children of Mother Mary have flocked to be privileged to witness this wonderful moment. They come from all the surrounding parishes and elsewhere to gather to pray to the Virgin Mary can intercede with her ​​Son Jesus Christ to receive His blessing but also for the remission of their sins, and especially to remain always under His protection. Notice that this event is the second of its kind in this Marian month. We urge all our fellow believers to always remain in prayer to receive the mercy of Almighty God and receive his blessing.

Continue for more stories about bleeding, crying statues and icons inspired by the Weeping Madonna's Colorado tour. Myrrh-flowing Icon in Ukraine Monastery

In the Maniavskyi Monastery in western Ukraine, which is called the "Ukrainian Athos," an Icon of the Mother of God began to shed the holy ointment, reported TSN. The monks are anxious because the last time the icon shed the holy ointment four years ago, exactly before the great flood which affected the whole of western Ukraine. They have no idea what it can mean now. But they are convinced that the Virgin Mary cautions people about something.

Rosa Mística cries tears of blood Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Moved to the province an image of the Virgin that weeps tears of blood. On Good Friday first appeared. Yesterday, nearly a thousand people came to worship. Late Monday night in this city are suddenly shocked with the news that the little plaster image of Maria Rosa Mystica you have in your house in the neighborhood The Quiroga family Remanso, wept blood. The news was made public by the intervention of a neighbor who called a radio to report the situation and immediately dozens of people filled the small house and spontaneously began to pray the Holy Rosary.

Continue for more stories about bleeding, crying statues and icons inspired by the Weeping Madonna's Colorado tour. Weeping statues Cuenca, Ecuador

Fr. James Manjackal met a Missionary, Carmen Patricia, and saw the Weeping statues of Cuenca, Ecuador and the statue of the Mother of God in her room weeping. In the photo, you can see the tears flowing of both eyes. Patricia lived in the world with completely lay life change. She worked as a Model for folklore dresses. That was 16 years ago on August 29, 1988 then the Mother of God appeared to her.

Blood-weeping statue of Our Mother of the World

In Phoenix, Arizona, Patricia Mundorf - Was given messages from the Blessed Virgin under the title Our Mother of the World. Associated with these Apparitions are two statues one of Our Lady, the other Jesus which are said to on occasion weep blood. Mrs. Patricia Mundorf currently lives in Phoenix Az, is married, and has three grown children who are all now married. Pat receives messages for the world on all First and Third Saturdays.

Continue for more stories about bleeding, crying statues and icons inspired by the Weeping Madonna's Colorado tour. Photos of wall seeping oil and Bleeding Host at Audrey Santo's

Jan 22, 1999 Worcester, Mass. -- Roman Catholic investigators haven't been able to establish whether wondrous happenings attributed to a disabled girl are definitely miracles. But they are satisfied the peculiar events are no flimsy hoax. "I don't know," Bishop Daniel P. Reilly said Thursday. "These are things you have to live with, even though we don't like to do that in this day and age." Reilly, who is supervising the investigation, formed a team of two psychologists and a theologian 14 months ago to investigate claims of miracles at the home of Audrey Santo, 15, of Worcester, Mass.

Bleeding Crown of Thorns

This closeup of the Crucifix which Alan Ames uses during his healing prayer sessions clearly shows blood oozing from the Crown of Thorns around the head of Jesus. "Eternal Father, I offer You the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal the wounds of our souls. My Jesus, pardon and mercy through the merits of Your Sacred Wounds."

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