Photos: Ten funniest posts on Redditt's Denver Circlejerk

Among the oddest local cul de sacs in the ultra-popular online community Redditt is Denver Circlejerk -- a place for users to share their thoughts and images, be they serious rants or bizarre non sequiturs.

We've gathered (and in some cases photo-illustrated) our ten favorite recent items, complete with original titles, text and links. Join the Circlejerk below.

Number 10: Walk this way People actually pay attention to crosswalk signs? Shocking! Number 9: That's cold Pouring boiling water on a frozen windshield is a great way to clear it off with no consequences.

Trust me, what could possibly go wrong?

Continue for more of our ten funniest posts on Redditt's Denver Circlejerk. Number 8: Hooked on the classics I have the best gas prices!

Pull my finger.

Number 7: Equal opportunity offenders Sometimes people in various types of vehicles bother me

Cars often don't do what I want them to. Bikes are also annoying. I especially hate rollerbladers; don't they know they have to stop at stop signs? Don't even get me started about little brats on tricycles....

Continue for more of our ten funniest posts on Redditt's Denver Circlejerk. Number 6: We've got a feeling these nuggets don't play basketball.... I'm forming a drug activism group at my college, what do you think of the logo? Number 5: The opposite of a foot fetish Pedestrians. Fuck each and every one of them.

Just who do they think they are? Never following the fucking rules, walking out when the hand is red, running red lights, crossing all willy-nilly wherever they please with their smug "I am a pedestrian so I am better than you" look. Just today I saw some cockbag running in the bike lane on the wrong side of the street. What the serious fuck? So laws mean nothing to pedestrians and the cops do nothing about it? And we are all supposed to be all careful around them, not smash our huge-mobiles into them when they walk around in their stupid shoes? I mean honestly, why did I install a battering ram on my 700 ton pickup if I can't smash law-breaking pedestrians with it?

Seriously, all pedestrians are fucking assholes that deserve to be shot dead on sight.

Continue for more of our ten funniest posts on Redditt's Denver Circlejerk. Number 4: Every day's Arbor Day Innocent Maple Trees Marked for Death by Boulder County Housing Authority-- 67 trees, 67 nights of candlelight vigils Number 3: We still haven't figured this one out...but we're slow There was not a car fire in the parking garage next to my house. Continue for more of our ten funniest posts on Redditt's Denver Circlejerk. Number 2: Lois loves Two Buck Chuck Two Buck Who Gives A Fuck Number 1: Let's hear it for the douchebags Living in Colorado, this is my deepest, darkest secret. I feel so alone!!

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