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Photos: Ten Mitt Romney rally-goers on whether he still has a chance to win

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Since Mother Jones shared a video of Mitt Romney saying that 47 percent of the country believe they are victims, national news outlets have covered the fallout and gloom in the campaign, with a steady stream of negative headlines.

On the heels of what some have called a particularly bad week for Romney, we asked ten supporters at the Republican candidate's Jefferson County rally last night if they think he still has a chance to win the key swing state of Colorado.

Libby Szabo, 48, state representative in Arvada "More than any videos, I think people are really going to listen to the message and I believe Mitt Romney has the right message for women, for children...and for the future of this country.... I think he needs to keep on message.... A lot of this is hype...in the media." Paul Hudgens, 57, engineering technician "The cake is baked. He's gonna win. [The video] is bullshit. I think the vast majority of Americans understand that the media is against Romney. It's a media-contrived phenomenon." Continue to find out what more Romney supporters think of the campaign and the media. Diana Meyers, 66, self-employed "I'm cautiously confident.... It's gonna be close, but I don't always believe the polls.... I don't think [the video] matters. What he was saying was that 47 percent of the country won't vote for him.... It doesn't concern me. And his wealth [doesn't concern me]. I don't want a person who is homeless leading our country!" Conor Futro, sixteen, high school student "I think that video caused a lot of people to look into the issues and reconsider their perspectives.... I've heard more people talking about the campaign in general because of that issue.... It's also the realization that what is put out as the official position doesn't necessarily correlate with the stances of the candidate.... I'm an Obama supporter...mostly because I'm of lower economic status and Obama's policies [would better help me], but also because I'm more in line with him on social issues. I'm here because it's just interesting to hear both sides." Continue to find out what more Romney supporters think of the campaign and the media. Judy Keller, 65, retired sales "I'm not confident. He's just not saying the right things. He's not being aggressive enough. He's letting everyone walk all over him.... The media is one-sided, there's no doubt about it. It was last week [when the video came out] and they're still talking about it today.... It's very biased." Alanne Conrad, 38, behavioral health assistant "I think people are over the campaigns and the negative ads. It's like slap, slap, slap. It's exhausting.... I really wish they would just say, 'This is what we're standing for.' ... Personally, I'm torn. I like Obama as a person, but I don't like his leadership skills. Romney makes me nervous, because I see him as big business running the country." Continue to find out what more Romney supporters think of the campaign and the media. Matthew Meyer, 26, lawyer "He's got a pretty good shot in Colorado. Obviously it's an important battleground state. There's talk that he's falling behind....but I think this is a good opportunity for him to come out and take a stronger stance. If he comes out and is more specific and goes after the middle voters, the people who are undecided, [he could win].... [The video] won't kill him, but it could hurt." Ben Creighton, eighteen, high school senior "All the news stories are beginning with that video. I don't think it's very surprising... Some see it as very negative, but others say it's really being blown out of proportion or taken out of context.... I'm undecided.... Colorado is going to be split right down the center." Continue to find out what more Romney supporters think of the campaign and the media. Harold Meyers, 68, works for home builders "I feel he's got the right message and should win.... The Republicans are going to come out and vote for him, and I think the independents will go vote too, because they believe in fiscal responsibility, and they don't want to live in debt.... I'm almost seventy and I have a twelve-year-old granddaughter. I'm voting for her. I'm not voting for me.... The media is anti-Republican.... Romney needs to hit hard with the facts." Shelley Hamilton Bruer, 42, meeting planner "Seeing this turnout...it gives me hope that this country can be great again. I don't know about Colorado [going for Romney], but Douglas County for sure.... I completely agree [with the video]. I think it's about time someone has the courage to say what's going on.... Dick Morris said it's too bad he didn't say it in a speech, and I completely agree.... I think the coverage of the entire campaign is biased.... When Romney says one thing that's true, everyone is up in arms."

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