Photos: Ten More Unsolved Colorado Murders and Personal Stories of Victims

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Christopher Irish Christopher Lee Irish, 23, was born in Grand Junction on February 27, 1971. A gifted artist, he studied at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver. Chris had 3 children. He was a member of the Guardian Angels.

A Rockies fan, Chris worked taking tickets and as a security guard at Mile Hi Stadium. As a hobby, Chris airbrushed T-shirts and played football in the park.

In June 1994, he went to Wittman, Arizona with his sister to attend a cousin's graduation. While there, he went to an acquaintance's birthday party. The next morning, Chris' body was found by railroad tracks, legs cut off, hit by a train.

A wound on the back of his head was consistent with a blow from a knife or hatchet according to a family member.

No one has ever been charged with this crime. Chris is the son of Leslie Irish of Denver.

Philisia Bunting Philisia Marie Bunting, 16, attended East High School in Denver. Her outgoing and witty personality never failed to make others smile or laugh. Philisia was just getting into drama "and she liked it" said her mother, Carrelyn.

The oldest of three children, Philisia had a sister, Tamieka, and a brother, Ivory. A people person, she liked to listen to music. Philisia loved Boy George and was a punk rocker. Her mother described her as adventurous, a modern day hippie.

Philisia and her family had been in counseling at Urban Peak and they were making progress toward reunification. Counselor Julie Griffin said "Her smile was not unlike that of an angel. Her laughter could fill the room with joy. Her struggle was that no one could feel what it was like to be Philisia. She always said, "I am me, I am different, I am Philisia." She had a vision, but she chose a road in which not even an angel would be safe.

In July 1990, Philisia left Denver on a road trip to the west in the company of three young males: Maurice Dureson, Wayne Kirk and Wayne Irish. On July 20, her body was found face down with a large rock on the side of her head in the waters of Island Acres State Recreation Area east of Grand Junction. In the ensuing investigation, the Mesa County Sheriff's office interviewed the three young males. Maurice Dureson was arrested but later released. The crime remains unsolved.

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