Photos: Ten more unsolved Colorado murders and victims' personal stories

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Edward Steinbach
Police responded to a single car traffic accident where the vehicle went down a 200 foot embankment in the 6300 block of S. Broadway in Littleton. It was discovered that Edward died from a single gunshot to the head. No weapon was ever found. If you have any information about this victim or this homicide, please contact Detective Russ Hoffman, 303-795-3896.
Helen Towers
Helen Towers, 69, was born in Deer Trail, Colorado. She lived in Littleton. Helen was passionate about justice. She worked for Marty Miller, the popular District Attorney in Arapahoe County for 18 years, then worked as a legal assistant for 20 years after that. Helen, a beautiful dancer, loved to ballroom dance. She danced often at Senior Centers in the area. Another of her interests was poker. Her daughter, Julie, says she was a very accomplished player. In March 2000, Helen told her daughter that frightening notes had been left on her car, a four-year-old, bright red Monte Carlo. On April 1, Helen's neighbors called Julie to say newspapers were piling up at her mother's house which had been dark for several days and that they found a fresh red rose in the snow at the front door the day they called. Police and firemen were called to the house and entered through an unlocked kitchen window. Helen's body was found in the bathtub of the Littleton home she had lived in for forty years. There was no water in the tub, no evidence of foul play and no toxic substances in Helen's body. Julie says all the lights had been unplugged and the telephone was left off the hook. The threatening notes were found in Helen's purse. Later, another ballroom dancer across town began receiving similar notes. This person also drove a red sports car. Helen's death was eerily similar to the 1999 case of Rebecca Bartee, an Arapahoe County Attorney whose body was also found in the bathtub in her apartment with no evidence of foul play. The Arapahoe County Coroner lists Helen's cause of death as "Undetermined." If you think you have information about this death, please contact the Littleton Police Department, 303-795-3890.
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