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Photos: Ten Obama supporters on whether he can recover from his Denver debate

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Since President Barack Obama struggled in his Denver debate against Mitt Romney, some have questioned whether his improved performances in the second two debates can undo the damage. Today, a day after Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan rallied at Red Rocks, Obama is making a stop at City Park in Denver. We asked ten supporters here how they think the debates will impact the outcome in Colorado, a key swing state in the race. Rachel Fluckey, 27, nurse "He'll definitely pull through... I was always set in my decision and I know that most people have probably made up their minds before the debates anyway.... [The first debate] worried me a little bit, though I thought he did fine. It was gonna be super-tight in Colorado anyway." Tyler George, 30, unemployed "I thought he did really well in the first debate. People just like drama and [Obama] was calm and collected. That doesn't sell. They prefer Jerry Springer.... His message never changed." Continue for more photos and comments from supporters. Robert Davis, 56, nurse "I think it's more style over substance. President Obama is providing concrete information about his [policies], but people are so fixed on style...and that does concern me.... But I think in the end, people will switch from style to substance. And I'm expecting he'll gain a point or two in the polls [from the last debate]." Jim Shively, 70, retired attorney "Obama was good on policy and we don't elect a president who is a debater-in-chief.... And I have a minor beef with the media and the 24-hour news cycle -- they've got to come up with something. They need to justify their advertising rates.... That's why it's all about the drama." Continue for more photos and comments from supporters. Marie Baker, 64, retired "Obama will win -- he has the experience.... Romney hasn't been answering the questions. And you can look up his record and see that he's switched his positions." Geof Erdahl, 51, student in media "I'm a little trepidatious.... I was terribly surprised at the first debate and I worry that a lot of people watch the first one and then tune out for the second and third debates. But I think if the Republicans keep talking, [Obama will win].... They have a war on everything!" Continue for more photos and comments from supporters. Greg Bettridge, 43, contractor "I don't know about a bounce from the last debates, but I think he rallied up his base to take this seriously. The left is traditionally apathetic and I think this will help.... If you're still undecided at this point, it's really amazing to me." Morgan Petterson, 37, works in insurance "I'm really nervous and stressed at this time, but am cautiously optimistic. The polls worry me... I know everyone talks about the liberal media, but I think they've been leaning to Romney. I feel like he could do no wrong in the debates, even when what he was saying was wrong. It's strange." Continue for more photos and comments from supporters. Linda Sari, 70, retired from a mentor program "Unfortunately, we are so divided in this country. I can't believe that the debates would change that.... I think Obama did bad in the first one because he could not believe Romney's lies. This isn't the guy who has been running for eighteen months.... And I think Obama did fabulously in the second and third debates." Darce Riddick, 65, retired hospital administrator "I think Obama laid back in the first debate and waited, and then he was on fire the second two debates. He kicked butt. He was low key on the first debate, but he came back firing the second time. Sometimes, you have to sit back and listen.... At first, I was concerned that voters might be swayed [by the first debate], but I feel confident now that [Romney] has put his foot in his mouth."

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