Photos: Ten Obama supporters on why they've already voted (or not)

In Colorado, there is a roughly even split between Democrats and Republicans registered to vote this election -- but based on a report sent out this morning, 38,059 more Republicans than Democrats have cast ballots so far in early voting, which ends today. Yesterday, at Obama's Boulder rally, we asked ten in attendance if they've voted -- eight have -- and if they think enough Obama supporters in Colorado will come out in strong numbers to help secure a second term. Dina Lerner, eighteen-year-old student, has voted"I feel really confident that people will vote this election. It's very personal and women need to get out, or else we're screwed. My friends have been voting -- it's all we talk about.... Of course, I'm nervous. There's a lot at stake." Felipe Mosqueda, a 26-year-old marketing professional, has voted"This is my first time voting and I'm feeling great about it. I definitely think [Obama] can win...because the other candidate goes back and forth on so many issues.... I do think the third-party candidates don't get as much attention as they should." Continue for more supporters. Becky O'Brien, a 39 year old who works for an environmental nonprofit, has voted"I'm volunteering a lot to help make it happen here...and I know that everyone in my bubble is engaged and voting.... I have called people who have disenfranchised themselves. They say they're not happy [with either candidate]...and they're not voting. It just seems absurd to me. If you're unhappy, you should engage more and not less." Christopher Hall, nineteen-year-old student, has voted"I do think a lot of people are going to come out and vote because of the grassroots effort. A lot more of my friends are voting this time." Continue for more supporters. Jeb Tilly, forty-year-old advertising professional, has not voted"I have not voted. I figured I'd do it on election day.... My impression is [Obama's] got an edge here.... There's a group of people that are excited....they got me to come here today, but then there are the people who are apathetic. I don't know what gets the apathetic people moving.... In my friend group, my sense is there's a more mature perspective on the importance of the election this time." PK Bala, 55-year-old chief operating officer of a technology company, has voted"Colorado will go for Obama. I think Obama has a phenomenal ground game here and I think that anyone who pays attention can see that. I truly believe he'll win here." Continue for more supporters. Kelsey Blackwell, 31-year-old food editor, has voted"I don't know know which way Colorado will go...but I'm optimistic. [All my friends] are voting, some in the mail, some today.... I'm not happy [that more Republicans have voted so far]. That is not good." Megan Melamed, 34-year-old researcher, has voted"I don't feel confident in Colorado, but I do feel confident in him winning [the race]. Colorado has always been a swing state and it really could go either way.... It is fun to be in a state where your vote counts." Continue for more supporters. Alverta Thomas, a retired seventy year old, has voted"I think Colorado is gonna come through -- with my prayers, I hope so. My whole building has voted, everyone in my development." Andre Dion, a sixty-year-ld training manager in a bottle factory, has not voted"If I can find time during work tomorrow, I will do it then. If not, definitely Tuesday. I will vote.... I do think Obama is gonna win Colorado. It always gets tight -- that's not unexpected. But I think...more people are seeing that what he's doing is working.... People don't want to give up their civil liberties and people don't know where Romney stands."

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