Photos: Ten Safest "Big" Cities in Colorado

What are the safest big cities in Colorado?

First, it's important to settle on a definition for "big" — and the folks at the website ValuePenguin, which recently published a study entitled "2015 Safest Places in Colorado," settled on a fairly modest number: a population of 20,000 or above.

The communities that finished in the top ten are mostly suburbs in the metro area and northern Colorado. Sorry, Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder: Not good enough.

We've also included the methodology for the study, which was based on 2013 FBI crime data.

Count down the photo-illustrated top ten below. And to check out the original post, click here.

Number 10: Loveland
Violent Crime per 100k: 150
Property Crime per 100k: 1,665
Crime Score: 1,540

Number 9: Littleton
 Violent Crime per 100k: 44
Property Crime per 100k: 1,278
Crime Score: 1,522

Number 8: Fountain
Violent Crime per 100k: 78
Property Crime per 100k: 619
Crime Score: 1,520

Number 7: Arvada
Violent Crime per 100k: 163
Property Crime per 100k: 2,666
Crime Score: 1,510

Number 6: Lafayette
Violent Crime per 100k: 50
Property Crime per 100k: 449
Crime Score: 1,096

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