Photos: Ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary has definitions for just about everything, including plenty of terms that include the word "Colorado," and almost all of them are weird, funny, disgusting, surprising or some combination thereof.

Example: a sexual term for an act that requires not a human partner, but an open Jeep. Really.

Continue to count down our photo-illustrated "Colorado" terms top ten.

Number 10: Colorado Bulldog Definition: Vodka and Ensure.

Popular with Medical Interns, College Students, wanna-be-skinny-girls, and other busy people who combine food and "Drink" in a single, easy to consume beverage.

Example: Doctor: "Would you like to hit the cafeteria for something to eat after work" Resident: "No thanks, I' m beat, I am just going to go home have a Colorado Bulldog and hit the sack..."

Number 9: Colorado Head Butt Definition: A fake head butt followed through with a straight punch to the nuts.

Example: I scream "Colorado head butt" seconds prior to going through the motions of an actual head butt, but just prior to heads connecting, I stop and straight punch to the nuts as their eyes are closed expecting a head butt.

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary. Number 8: Colorado Carwash Definition: Where one uses a fresh clump of snow to wash their car following a blizzard, four-wheeling trip, or just, plain out, long spout of laziness.

Example: After the blizzard rolled through, I decided it was probably time to spruce up my ride so I gave it the Colorado Carwash.

Number 7: Colorado Cologne Definition: Slang for the smell of marijuana.

Example: Even if you can smell the colorado cologne on someone, it's legal as long as they've got the card!

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary. Number 6: Colorado Casual Definition: Colorado Casual (also known as John Denver Formal) usually includes a long sleeve button up shirt (stripes are a plus) tucked into Wrangler jeans (or any Wrangleresque brand), accompanied by a brown belt. Shoes can range anywhere from Nike trainers to cowboy boot, so express yourself.

Examples: 1. My neighbor dresses in a Colorado Casual style when he takes his kids to school in the carpool. 2. Do you think I can wear a t-shirt to this party or is it going to be Colorado Casual?

Number 5: Colorado Cigar Definition: A Blunt with 2 grams or more of Colorado's finest Chronic.

Example: Nothing better on a fine Colorado day then a Colorado Cigar.

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary. Number 4: Colorado drag race Definition: Interstate 25 in Colorado, especially the section between Colorado Springs and Denver that is mostly only 2 lanes on each side, is notorious for drivers who block the left lane doing 60 mph because they feel the need to pass the guy in the right lane doing 59.7 mph. (The speed limit is 75.) This is called Colorado drag racing.

Example: I have a flight out of DIA in an hour and a half, and I'm gonna miss it if I can't get around this Colorado drag racer in front of me!

Number 3: Colorado bus pass Definition: Medical marijuana registration card from Colorado, that is extremely easy to obtain, and costs only a bit more than a monthly bus pass. "Bus pass" for short.

Example: Dude, I just got a Colorado bus pass, let's get some edibles.

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary. Number 2: Coloradbro Definition: A guy (who DOES NOT live in Colorado) that wears hot weather clothes when it is freezing cold outside. i.e., shorts, t-shirt, tank top, etc.

Example: Weston: "Dude! Look at Brandon! It's 25 degrees outside and he's wearing shorts!" Brandon: "No. These are swim trunks." Janelle: "Stupid ass. What a Coloradbro."

Number 1: Colorado blowjob Definition: While driving with shorts in a doorless jeep wrangler going west on a hot sunny day , one must put their leg out the door and let the crisp wind blow up into their shorts. This causes the fine Colorado breeze to caress one's man satchel giving a pleasurable Rocky Mountain experience.

Example: "Hey jeff, i got a colorado blowjob from my jeep yesterday!" "Oh kareoka"

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