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Photos: Ten Weirdest CU Denver Confessions

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Several times over recent years, we've shared memorable posts from the CU Boulder Confessions page. But students at CU Denver have things to confess, too, as the CU Denver Confessions page makes abundantly clear. Continue to see our ten favorite recent confessions, all photo-illustrated, all anonymous and all defiantly funny, weird, passionate or a combination thereof. Count them down below.

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Number 10: No more waiting

I'm sick of the poop stand offs in the girls bathrooms. From now on, I'm just going for it!

Number 9: Tuition supplement

I see some of you ladies on "escort" sites (which we all know is the legal way to prostitute yourself). I'm actually pretty jealous because if I was a girl I'd be making so much money lol. I do not think any less of you ladies, keep doing what you gotta do.

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest CU Denver Confessions. Number 8: All wet

Okay to the ass hat who kept opening my dryer door, what the fuck is your problem? If you open someone's dryer to see if there are clothes in it (and there are), RESTART IT. I was trying to get laundry done before work and because of you I had to annoy my roommate to get my clothes. Just be a decent person and restart them!!!

Number 7: Breaking up isn't that hard to do....

No I don't think about our past relationship 5 Years ago because it was 5 years ago. You had your fun and cheated and played games and tried to control me. Now you're sleeping with women and men and I'm supposed to remember you from 5 years ago. No, I don't.

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest CU Denver Confessions. Number 6: Mutually assured destruction

To the guy cheating off my calc this morning... We failed man.

Number 5: The heat is on

I'm a female and I'm CONSTANTLY horny. Some positions make it worse than others. For instance, sitting in an upright position, like say, a chair, makes me especially horny. Which in turn makes class time insanely difficult to concentrate during. I'm not slouching in the back of the last row because I'm not interested, its honestly just to avoid feeling the need to excuse myself from class and take care of a few things.

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest CU Denver Confessions. Number 4: Reality check

I love how 99% of the people complaining about things on here are passive-aggressive freshmen. We get it, you just came to college and you think you're hot shit. But when you move out of CVA into a REAL apartment and have to start paying your own rent and food, you're going to miss the days mommy and daddy were taking care of everything for you.

Number 3: Identity crisis

I have found like a third of this school on OkCupid. You'd think with all the lonely/horny singles on campus, there wouldn't be such perceived barriers in actually talking to people. Just remember that not every super cute girl you meet on online dating is actually super cute, or even a girl.

Continue to keep counting down the ten weirdest CU Denver Confessions. Number 2:

If you would have told me in 2003 that HIP HOP was going to be dominated by a white rapper from Seattle and a white female rapper from Australia I would have been like "Nigga you crazy!"

Number 1:

School is hard, stressful, time-consuming, and at times, a straight up pain in the ass. But school is such a blessing and i think it would do some of ya'll good to remember that shit.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.