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Photos: Ten weirdest recent Boulder Craigslist "Rants & Raves"

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Earlier this week, we published our picks for the ten weirdest recent "Rants & Raves" on Denver Craigslist -- and if anything, the ones we found on the Boulder Craigslist site are even stranger.

We've picked and photo-illustrated ten of the most twisted from recent days and are sharing them unedited -- just as they were posted. Check them out below.

Number 10: to the douchebag who stole my wallet (SKIP bus)

To the asshole who stole my wallet off the Skip bus Halloween night: I hope you're happy with your loot. A few dollars and a maxed out debit card - whoa! you really lucked out. Thanks so much for taking my ID so I couldn't even get into the bars. Hope it was worth it. Fucker.

Number 9: My wife is being a complete & total BITCH! (RagingBitchVille)

Beats the shit out of me what is going on.

I do all the house cleaning, dishes, laundry & most of the cooking, etc. Do I get sex??? Nope. Hell, I don't get shit.

Life sucks.

Continue to see more of the ten weirdest recent Boulder Craigslist "Rants & Raves." Number 8: Drunk.. (Boulder)

The Lover is ever drunk with Love. He is mad, she is free. He sings with delight, She dances with ecstasy. Caught by our own thoughts, we worry about everything. But once we get drunk on that Love whatever will be, will be .

Number 7: To the frat boys (Boulder)

You guys all should be ashamed of yourself, and how much you degrade women here on campus. You guys are nothing but trouble makers, and have no respect for yourself, your fraternity, others, and especially women. I have never in my life seen such atrocity of men ever, until I came here. Especially the Californian boys, you guys are horrible, and have little self respect and little respect for women. Your mothers would be SOOOOOOO proud of you guys, seeing that you drink a lot, lead women on, and trash everything. In the end, you all will probably lose, because bad boys don't finish first in the long run...I believe in karma and you guys will get what's coming to you..

Continue to see more of the ten weirdest recent Boulder Craigslist "Rants & Raves." Number 6: UFOs Over Longmont (Niwot)

I did see them , in my case I was heading south on 95th between Pike and Niwot road , I saw the four of them and couldn't figure out what I was seeing ,I kept trying to think if there were any towers in the direction of the lights but then realized that there weren't any , at one point the light inverted as if what ever they were on rolled or something .I don't know what it was.

Number 5: I would Give anything for a second chance (Boulder )

I'm so sorry for everything. I never wanted it to end up this way. If I would have only known I would have gone back and done things differently. I had everything I could have ever wanted and I didn't even realize it. Instead I got selfish and pushy about the things that didn't matter. I was so lucky to have you as long as I did. I miss you more then I could ever put into words. If I ever got the chance to be with you again, I swear I would love you right.

Continue to see more of the ten weirdest recent Boulder Craigslist "Rants & Raves." Number 4: Women who go after married men (Boulder)

I just do not get it.

I just found out my husband of two years has been going to his co-workers house, who is a single woman, behind my back.

When he and I met I was a single-mom and I really struggled. We still struggle but we have each other, or so I thought.

Yesterday, I found out my husband has been going to this woman's house, we'll call her Ann, who is also a single mom, and he's been hiding it from me. I knew he got off early yesterday because of the holiday and when I called him after I got off about about 5:30 he said e was at work and he wouldn't talk to me. He admitted he went over there to hang out with her 15 year old son, who is a drop-out, and play guitar with him.He admitted to giving her son (who is my sons age) one of his guitars. He hasn't admitted how much he has been going over there but apparently he has taught her son three songs. BVSD was closed yesterday my, our, kids were home from school. He left my kids alone to go hangout with her kid. My son's are his step-children, but they don't have a father, and he made a commitment to them. I think this is suspicious. Maybe he really is just trying to help that kid, but why hide it from me?

Now I am suspicious that he is going on night bicycle rides with her and lying to me about it.

So I called this woman last night and attempted to have an adult conversation to express my discomfort. I told her I didn't think it was appropriate for a married man to be going to to another singles mother's house to play with her kid when we have kids at home that were alone.

She responded with shouting insults, accusations, and declarations. She said that I didn't deserve any respect and that she would NOT respect my wishes. (I asked her to please understand my discomfort and be respectful of my wishes). She informed me that my husband can do what he wants. Then she said my husband can have any friends he wants. Now why my husband's co-worker think she has any say-so or weight in my marriage is beyond me. Or is it? Please understand, my husband has lots of friends. Everyone in town knows him. That is not the issue. The issue his her reaction to me finding out that he has been going to her house behind my back, and when I brought it up to discuss it, she went maniacal on me. Suspicious!

After she hung up on me, I left to go finish an assignment at a coffee shop. I left something at home, so when I returned to pick it up, he was on the phone with her apologizing. And he was telling her he didn't know what he was going to do. This is what really gets my goat. This single woman, with three kids, is telling my husband to leave me? She knows nothing about me or us. Except for what he tells her, I guess. I think it is obvious that she knows my husband has been going over to her house, or spending time with her, or her family, without my knowledge. If she didn't know, wouldn't she have been open to conversation? Wouldn't most people, when confronted, just say something like "Oh, let's talk about this"

What are your thoughts?

Number 3: To the douche in the white chevy (Federal/120th)

So you thought you were cool, speeding and cutting me off. Thanks for the bird. Loved it. Glad I could reciprocate. Spend less time acting like an asshole and more time learning how to drive.

Continue to see more of the ten weirdest recent Boulder Craigslist "Rants & Raves." Number 2: A penny for your thoughts (Boulder)

Sooo. . .starting in July 2013, we, the consumers who already pay too much tax, will have to pay for plastic or paper grocery bags. It's not enough that we pay for the roads to be torn to shreds for years and put back together like Frankensteins of the Rockies!! It's not enough that we pay for everything in Boulder. Let's add the bags. . .it was too good to be true! I love having my produce snuggled close and personal with the raw meat and bread and topped with glass bottles and jars or cans, with a few stray eggs in between; it's like one happy, disfunctional family, which is the norm, but to all appearances prosperous and well adjusted. One big, overused bag!

While we're at it, let's place little toilet paper dispensers in all the bathrooms - 2 squares for a dime! Ha, ha, ha. . .the shit's gonna' hit the wall!

Better yet, let's charge bicyclists for the bike lane -- not only are they potential road kill, but they snag traffic, they don't pay extra for impacting our sensitive visual sense, but they are self righteous and cause accidents.

Public fountains! No water unless you drop a quarter! Getting back to grocery bags! Let's start paying for the pretty packaging of bread, meats, produce, nuts! Imagine nuts! Juggling your pound of nuts through the parking lot! Or simply shoving your hand into the pile of meat, fondling the best, choice cut- like the old days! I love progress!

Eahhhh! Boulderites have caught up the Greed Madness; the disease has taken over! I feel its tentacles reach for me too. . .oh, it got me by the tutu! I'll sell you a slice of my moron rich environment if mine brother could spare a dime!

Really! It seems that the more we charge, the less value everything has, the more we regress, the more we call it what it's not, the more screwed up we are, the more we think we know, the more we punish the innocents and exalt the guilty, the worse the offense the less the fee.

So much more to say. . .but first, I'll charge you a penny for my thoughts.

Number 1: Craigslist and All Other Online BS (Virtually Everywhere)

I have stuff to get done. You, dear Craigslist and Other Online BS, are a serious time waster. Please let go of me and my time and let me accomplish something. All I do is jump from meaningless thought to meaningless thought dragged virtually about by your tedium and trivia. I realize if I could find my backbone, I might actually be able to enter into a state of concentration that would let me get something done, but I can't. I might actually blame myself for this, but I think the more rational (and certainly the more common and obvious) thing to do is to blame my troubles on the freedom that this electronic forum has given me to waste my own time. And for what? For nothing! So, thanks again Craigslist and All Other Online BS (that includes you too Facebook and "News" Sites... For Nothing. Al Gore, if you really did invent this thing, you stink.

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