Photos: Tim Tebow vs. Tom Brady, an intangibles point-counterpoint

This weekend brings Tim Tebow's biggest test as starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos -- a faceoff with the New England Patriots, starring Tom Brady, a surefire Hall of Famer who belongs in the Greatest Quarterback of All-Time conversation. But while Brady's experience and QB skills are undoubtedly superior to Timmy's at this point, what about their intangibles? Who comes out on top when they're measured? We put them to the test below. Point: Tom Brady is a very attractive man. Counterpoint: Tim Tebow is a very attractive man -- and he hasn't made the sort of quizzical hairstyle gaffes Brady has. Oh, we forgot about this one.

Advantage: Brady.

Point: Tom Brady can really rock that eye black. Counterpoint: Tim Tebow reinvented eye black. Before he came along, who knew it could also be a billboard?

Advantage: Tebow.

Point: Tom Brady's passes usually go where he wants them to go. Counterpoint: Tim Tebow wins without having any idea where his passes are going to go most of the time. Which is kind of cool, but still...

Advantage: Brady.

Page down for more intangibles. Point: Tom Brady sleeps with incredibly hot women. Counterpoint: Incredibly hot women (like Lindsey Vonn) deny sleeping with Tim Tebow.

Advantage: What do you think? Brady.

Point: Tom Brady hangs out with famous people. Counterpoint: Tim Tebow hangs out with more famous people.

Advantage: Tebow. Bono decrees it.

Point: Tom Brady uses his celebrity for good causes. Counterpoint: You're never going to out do-good Tim Tebow, Tommy boy. Give up now.

Advantage: Tebow.

That leaves the final score three-three. Looks like another Broncos game is going into overtime.

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