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Photos: Top 21 cities and states that sent the most tourists to Colorado in 2013

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Last week, we noted that VISIT DENVER has just released loads o' stats related to 2013, the most successful tourism season in the city's history; visitor spending topped $4 billion for the first time. And indeed, the organization's list of the ten most popular shopping and entertainment centers for tourists only scratched the data surface.

Example: VISIT DENVER has also compiled lists of the nine cities and twelve states that sent the most tourists to Colorado. Both rosters are below, with the one pertaining to cities accompanied by blurbs that suggest reasons why folks might prefer to hang out in Denver than where they live the rest of the year. Continue to count them down.

The nine cities that sent the most visitors to Denver in 2013 -- and why they may be leaving home

Number 9: New York City Village Voice: "The Big Apple reclaims its heavyweight title in hostility, a dubious honor it last held in 2009 -- and a reputation it has had for much longer ('You talkin' to me?')." Number 8: Minneapolis-St. Paul Wikipedia: "The warmest temperature ever recorded in Minneapolis was 108 °F (42 °C) in July 1936, and the coldest temperature ever recorded was −41 °F (−41 °C), in January 1888. The snowiest winter of record was 1983-84, when 98.4 inches (250 cm) of snow fell." Number 7: Dallas-Fort Worth From "Living in Dallas: A Pros and Cons List:" "Because of the oversaturating pestilence that is shopping mall after shopping mall, you forget that there are places in the world that are green, beautiful, and natural." Continue to keep counting down the cities and states that sent the most visitors to Colorado in 2013. Number 6: Phoenix An article in the New York Times circa August 2012: "Nine Straight Days of 110 or More: That's Hot, Even for Phoenix." Number 5: San Diego From the Musing in My Contemplation blogspot post about the "10 reasons I hate san diego." "1. its inaccessibility. everything worth going to is disconnected from the rest of the city: south park has 1 bus running through it, ocean beach is almost literally disconnected from the city, and north park has gems, but they are also spread out. i want to live in a city connected by public transportation and that allows walking. try living in san diego without a car. yeah. it would suck." Number 4: Houston From the I Hate This Swamp Called Houston blogspot: "You are always welcome here. Houstonians are some of the friendliest people around and would give you the shirt off their backs. Just know 1. That the weather here sucks beyond compare. If you want to visit, the only pleasant month is March. Really. 2. Houston has very little mass transit to think of. The bus system is designed to get millions of people from the vast suburbs to downtown and back and to get the housekeepers from the east side of town to the west side of town to work. That's really it. Really." Continue to keep counting down the cities and states that sent the most visitors to Colorado in 2013. Number 3: Albuquerque-Santa Fe From Anthony Salvagno's post "The Worst Thing About Albuquerque:" "Allergies! Drive-by shootings, hippies and liberals, gang violence, poor job prospects, drug addicts, insufficient parking in Nob Hill, drunk driving, low wages, dust, ghetto people, boredom ... (jeez, guys, let's get back to talking about the sunshine. Oh wait, you don't like that either.) Nothing stays open late enough, and there's not enough to do -- especially for kids. And the sprawl! And the people, they're the worst: Americans are supposed to speak English. It's way too dry. Also, it's trashy and dirty. Hmph." Number 2: Chicago CNN: "Activists say gun control isn't the only thing needed to reduce deaths in Chicago; what they need are more trauma centers." Number 1: Los Angeles From the Vice article "Reasons Why Los Angeles is the Worst Place Ever:" "I recently moved from London to Los Angeles. Despite the fact that LA is the undisputed worst place in the entire world, I've been trying super hard to like it. Mainly because I like being that guy who likes the thing everyone else hates just to annoy people (which reminds me, people I know in real life: I never really liked Skrillex or Twilight. You should've seen your faces, though)."

Continue to keep counting down the states that sent the most visitors to Colorado in 2013. The twelve states that sent the most visitors to Colorado in 2013

Number 12: New York Number 11: Maryland Number 10 Wyoming Number 9 Arizona Number 8: Minnesota Number 7: Kansas Continue to keep counting down the states that sent the most visitors to Colorado in 2013. Number 6: New Mexico Number 5: Florida Number 4: Nebraska Number 3: Illinois Number 2: Texas Number 1: California

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.