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Photos: Top ten CU-Boulder Missed Connections, Spring-is-coming edition

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Last year, we introduced you to the CU-Boulder Missed Connections Facebook page, where Buffs of every description try to make failed hook-ups happen after the fact. Well, the page is still going strong, and a recent visit revealed a slew of love stories that never were, should have been or aren't to be.

We've collected and photo-illustrated our ten favorite recent posts. Count down the usually (but not always) romantic results below.

Number 10: Well-engineered

To the beautiful girl who is a mechanical engineering student and I think might also be a theta.... It makes my day every time I see you in the engineering center. Keep on doing you, because I'm sure I'm not the only guy who's day you brighten when they see you!

Number 9: Horny

To the adorable tuba player from the band, I've had a crush on you since basketball season started. Tall, white, usually by the front when you do the supa dupa tuba cheer. You're just flat out adorable.

Continue to keep counting down our top ten CU-Boulder Missed Connections, Spring-is-coming edition. Number 8: Go ahead and put baby in a corner

to the guy who's in my CSCI 1300 class every MWF 1:00 to 1:50pm, you sit at the front left corner of the class room and i think you go to willvill, you have brown wavy hair and i see you have a brown bag with yellow stripes everywhere you go. I saw you in the buffbus once last semester and thought you were incredibly cute, and i just noticed that you're also in my class this semester! i never see you in willvill even though i live there, but man i just want to get to know you. you are absolutely cute! sincerely, the girl who sits at the middle left corner of the class room.

Number 7: Once you go black....

Why do i immediately fall in love with every black girl I see at a party?

Continue to keep counting down our top ten CU-Boulder Missed Connections, Spring-is-coming edition. Number 6: Nearly board to death

To the person on the skateboard/longboard that I almost hit in my truck on the corner of Broadway and University, I can scarcely find the words to describe how sorry I am. I can't seem to get the event out of my head and my guilt is building up each day. I drove around and tried to find you afterwards to apologize, however I couldn't seem to locate you. I wish I had a good excuse for almost hitting you, but sadly I was just not paying attention. I don't expect you to forgive me. I just hope you see this and understand how sorry I truly am. If I see you around anytime soon I will express my grief in person. Feel free to hit me with your board at that point. That's only fair. Sincerely, the asshole in the truck.

Number 5: Ready for rejection

Blonde girl in the white tank top on the elliptical on the second floor of the rec center today. I was holding a basketball and wearing a grey sweater. I was also with a friend and we were looking at the ellipticals. We should hang out! Or not, that's cool too!

Continue to keep counting down our top ten CU-Boulder Missed Connections, Spring-is-coming edition. Number 4: Heart-piercing, too

To the blonde guy with the septum piercing that works at the bear creek gym, you're yummy.

Number 3: Prayer unanswered

So this happened a few months ago, and it was probably one of the more embarrassing moments of my life (I won't say most, because I don't remember most of those times). Anyway, I am just wondering who else was there the day at the library where I opened my computer and "Like a Prayer" came on by Madonna on full blast. I hastily closed my laptop, yet the song continued to play. I had to reopen it and finally pause it after about twenty seconds of hesitation and Madonnathon. I had half a mind to zip up the laptop and run out of the library with Madonna singing from inside my backpack. I don't listen to Madonna... I swear, I don't even know that song. I went out the night before and one of my friends played it on my computer. Looking back, it was pretty hilarious though. Who else was there for that?

Continue to keep counting down our top ten CU-Boulder Missed Connections, Spring-is-coming edition. Number 2: Uplifting

to the guy with long hair that works at the rec... you can spot my squat anytime -girl with blonde hair that's there every week night.

Number 1: Cute wave or flipped bird -- you be the judge

Friday evening, I almost ran a girl over around like 8~9 PM. I was in a red jeep. I was picking up a friend and I'd never been to Boulder before, so the pedestrian cross-walk thing was a new idea to me. As I was slowly sliding by you, I glanced out the passenger window and saw that you were a beauty. You did this cute little wave (or maybe you flipped me off, it was but a fleeting glance). I was remarking to my friends what a cutie you were for like 15 minutes, wondering if I should turn around to find you and ask for your number.

I'm not from the area, but a friend recommended I do this since I wouldn't stop telling people about this story. I'm not sure how this works, but I guess you could leave a comment or something and we could get to talking like that.

Send your story tips to the author, Michael Roberts.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.