Photos: Top ten mistress cities -- and how Denver scores


, a dating site devoted to people who love snapping bonds of matrimony (its slogan is, "Life is short -- Have an affair") has come up with its 2013 list of the top ten cities for mistresses as measured by the percentage of women who cheat. And Denver made it! Woo-hoo!

What places share this august honor? Count down the top ten, which we've illustrated with pics and text from a Pinterest page devoted to "Famous Mistresses and Favorites" throughout history. Just say yes.

Number 10: Denver -- 18.1% Number 9: Ft. Lauderdale -- 20.4% Number 8: Charlotte, South Carolina -- 22.2 Continue to keep counting down the top ten mistress cities. Number 7: Honolulu -- 24.3% Number 6: Houston -- 25.1% Number 5: Los Angeles -- 25.7% Continue to keep counting down the top ten mistress cities. Number 4: Las Vegas -- 28.5% Number 3: Dallas -- 31.9% Number 2: Washington, DC -- 34.7% Number 1: Phoenix -- 38.4%

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