Pink Hoodie Robber breaks the law...of bandit chic

Last Friday, a presumably unarmed man entered the US Bank on 1801 Jackson Street in Golden, and angrily demanded an undisclosed sum of money from a teller, escaping on foot.

More disturbing than this man's crimes, however, is his complete misunderstanding of bandit chic.

As you can see by the photo below, what stands out about this robbery is the suspect's odd choice of garb: a faded pink hoodie, black training pants with a white stripe down the inseam, pink wayfarer sunglasses and some kind of helmet.

Nonetheless, the pièce de résistance of the robber's ensemble is clearly the jaunty red handkerchief affixed to his neck -- a bold fashion statement even for those not robbing a bank.

Mind you, this kerchief served no disguisement function. As a result, the thief not only missed the opportunity to dress up like a cowboy: He also guaranteed that security-camera footage of his guilty face would be making the Internet rounds. And while it's certainly a daring accessory, the bandana will likely make the suspect easier to identify.

Anyone with information on the oddly dressed suspect is encouraged to call the Golden Police Crime Tip Hotline at 303-384-8034.

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