Police: Fern Delise Tempted to Shoot Republicans With Dead Husband's Gun

It may have simply been emotion talking, spurring Fern Delise to mention something she had no intention of putting into action.

But given the concerns about violence in the wake of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shootings — exemplified by killer Robert Dear's courtroom declaration yesterday that he is a "warrior for the babies" — her words swiftly led to her arrest.

Specifically, Delise is accused of suggesting that she might shoot up a Republican meeting with her late husband's gun out of frustration over the Planned Parenthood attack.

The story was clearly on Delise's mind. On November 27, the day of the assault, she posted a link on her Facebook page to an Occupy Democrats story castigating Fox News for implying that a nearby bank was Dear's actual target, as opposed to the Planned Parenthood facility.

There can be little doubt about his motives now. During a hearing yesterday at which prosecutors formally charged him with 179 counts related to the crime, which killed three people and injured nine, Dear repeatedly interrupted the proceedings, admitting his guilt and using phrases such as "Protect the babies."

Even as Dear's outbursts were being circulated, the Fountain Police Department distributed a release announcing Delise's arrest.

On Tuesday, December 8, according to the FPD, Delise phoned the Planned Parenthood office in the Springs, which remains closed — so the call was automatically transferred to the Denver branch.

During the conversation that followed, police paraphrase Delise as saying, "It is tempting to walk into a Republican Party meeting with her dead husband's gun and just start shooting people."

Planned Parenthood reps subsequently contacted authorities, leading to Delise's arrest on suspicion of menacing. Cops also searched her home, where they reportedly found items related to firearms, including ammunition.

Look below to see Delise's booking photos, followed by a CBS4 piece about her arrest and a Fox31 report on Dear's day in court.

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