Police Reports: Melvin Lewis Punched Kenei Love, She Killed a Dog

The photo gallery on the Facebook page of Kenei Unique Love contains numerous shots like the one above, in which she and significant other Melvin Lewis display warmth and a playful camaraderie.

This image contrasts sharply with the accounts contained in separate probable-cause statements about an incident earlier this month; the documents are on view below.

Lewis is accused of repeatedly punching Love, while she's been charged with animal cruelty for killing a dog in the midst of their argument.

Love posted numerous portraits, including this one....

...as well as a second image revealing that the "Hot" tattoo in the image above is followed by the word "Commodity:"

There are also multiple images of Love and Lewis with the child they share, plus more intimate pics of the couple together:

Other, far less affectionate forms of contact are described in police reports dated October 18 and pertaining to an incident that took place in a residence on East Albrook Drive.

Upon their arrival, officers found Love "holding a small dog in her arms [that] appeared to be dead," the document states.

What happened? Love told the cops that in the midst of an argument with Lewis, she announced, "I don't give a shit about the dog" and kicked the animal, causing it to fly three to four feet in the air. By the time it hit the ground, it was dead.

The report about Lewis doesn't mention the dog — but plenty of violence is cited. He's said to have punched Love three to four times in the face, causing a small cut and swelling to her lips. In addition, he allegedly grabbed her, causing scratches to her chest and right cheek. Nonetheless, Love turned down numerous efforts to call an ambulance for her.

Lewis was subsequently charged with what the Denver District Attorney's Office describes as "a city assault charge." Love, meanwhile, is looking at a felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Look below to see booking photos for Lewis and Love (who's wearing a top that features a dog insignia), followed by the police reports.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.