Pop Quiz

1. For $2.50, Denver's Catholic faithful can now:

A. Give a street urchin a coupon that's redeemable for a free meal at a participating McDonald's.

B. Order a pin that says "Chaput for Cardinal."

C. Buy a 2.5-ounce bottle of Lourdes holy water that's been shipped from the French shrine.

D. Sponsor a minute of the PAX network's Late Night Catechism broadcast.

2. Peter Forsberg distinguished himself in Nashville by:

A. Jumping on stage at the Cadillac Honky-Tonk and belting out an ABBA tune.

B. Buying an ermine cowboy hat and coat while on the strip.

C. Outbidding several collectors for the rare B-side master tape of Elvis Presley's "Rockin' Rhumba."

D. Scoring more points against the Nashville Predators in a single game than any other NHL player.

3. According to a page-one article in the January 1 Denver Post, downtown Denver looked like what on New Year's Eve?

A. "Fort Lauderdale during spring break."

B. "Baghdad on a bad night."

C. "The National Western Stock Show during the mutton-bustin' event."

D. "A Franciscan monastery."

4. Which is not true about mighty Beulah -- home of Representative Lola Spradley, Colorado's first female Speaker of the House?

A. The annual Beulah Log Festival involves a hunt for a hidden log in the woods; the person who finds it must shout "Halueb!"

B. The town was originally called Mace's Hole, after a notorious horse thief.

C. Residents wanted to bury a plastic time capsule near the Muldoon Man spot, to be opened in January 2101.

D. The town is named after Spradley's great-great grandmother, Beulah Bunde, who was known throughout the valley for her blackberry jam.

5. Former House Speaker and newly appointed state insurance commissioner Doug Dean once called another state entity:

A. "A terrorist cell."

B. "A rogue agency."

C. "A threat to domestic order."

D. "A home for the halt, a way station for the lame."


1. C. Bottles of the French water are now available at 1155 South Josephine Street.

2. D. He scored a lot -- on the ice, at least.

3. B. Baghdad, because of the "machine-gun-like" fireworks. Take that WHAM, Saddam.

4. D. No Beulah Bunde in the Spradley family tree that we can see.

5. B. Dean labeled the Office of Consumer Counsel "a rogue agency" and tried to slash its budget after the group red-flagged a potential legislative loophole that would benefit US West.

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