Pop Quiz

1. Which sign was not on display during the Rolling Stones' stop at the Pepsi Center last Saturday?

A. "Lick me, Mick."

B. "Watts up?"

C. "Best fuckin' band in the 20th and 21st centuries."

D. "Ronnie B. Good."

2. What did not shower down on eager Stones fans during the two-hour lovefest?

A. Mick Jagger's bottled water.

B. Charlie Watts's drumsticks.

C. Red paper confetti.

D. Gummy lips.

3. With the Stones come souvenirs. What was not for sale?

A. A program for $20.

B. Micksicles (favorite flavor, cherry red), $7.50 each.

C. Blinking lips-shaped lapel lights, $10 each.

D. A black-leather Stones jacket for $450.

4. During the show, Jagger mentioned:

A. Altamont.

B. Altitude.

C. Al Qaeda.

D. Al Roker.

5. Those old bones take time to warm up. The Stones played "Start Me Up":

A. As their third song.

B. As part of a medley with their new single, "Chillin' Is Thrillin'."

C. As their encore.

D. Only after bluesy wunderkind Jonny Lang showed up.

6. Stones flashback! The stagecraft highlight of their 1981 Folsom Field show was:

A. An inflatable floozy.

B. A shiny steel bridge.

C. A cherry picker.

D. Ronnie-cam.


1. B. The crowd wasn't down with "Watts up."

2. D. The only gummy lips belonged to Mr. Jagger.

3. B. Marketers missed the Micksicles.

4. B. In an aside, his slim-tanic majesty referred to the altitude.

5. A. Their third song.

6. C. Mick got into a cherry picker, which swung out over the crowd.

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