Pop Quiz

1. We're da bomb! Some of the nation's top guns now call the federal maximum-security prison in Florence home. Who is not part of Colorado's pinstripe set?

A. Prose-happy Unabomber Ted Kaczynski.

B. Ramzi Yousef, one of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing-conspiracy convicts.

C. Richard Reid, the shoe-bomb terrorist.

D. Tim McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber.

2. By winning Trista Rehn's heart on The Bachelorette last week, Vail firefighter Ryan Sutter made his home town white-hot. What's not true about the state's newest star?

A. Sutter's appearance on Good Morning America wearing a Moe's BBQ T-shirt boosted a local eatery.

B. Sutter's book of poetry has spiked to's top-ten list.

C. Sutter's popularity has made Vail Fire Department T-shirts a $20 must-have souvenir for visitors to the ski town.

D. Sutter was destined for NFL stardom until he hurt his shoulder on his first tackle.

3. Governor Bill Owens dismissed the appearance of a liberal celebrity at a recent governors' gathering with this snub:

A. "Unless he has a wad of cash, I'm not listening."

B. "When I want someone's opinions on this fiscal mess, I'll beat it out of him."

C. "Talk about ludicrous: You take 35 governors and have them listen to Meathead."

D. "I'd get more clarity from Ozzy Osbourne."

4. Denver's celeb critters cost a bundle. Which of these has an appetite that's a big drain on a cultural budget?

A. Mimi, a 44-year-old Asian elephant at the Denver Zoo who munches more than a grand's worth of chow daily.

B. Barry Fey, whose taste for tropical smoothies is said to run into the hundreds of dollars.

C. Ollie and Stan, the lead Clydesdale team for Budweiser promotions, whose special golden oats are flown in from Argentina on a private jet.

D. Nanu, the new Siberian otter pup at Ocean Journey, will eat only fresh Dover smelt.

5. A TV star who once filmed a series in Colorado went on to that great walk of fame in the sky last month. It was:

A. Richard Simmons, star of the '50s show Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.

B. Charlotte Spreadle, who played the governess on My Mother the Car.

C. Danzig Wilhelm, who was the original Mr. Sponge in Winky Dink and You.

D. Raymond Burr, best known for Perry Mason, but remembered locally as the Denver police chief in Ironside.

6. Hippie child and Boulder High grad Zora Andrich could claim all but one of the following before she claimed Joe Millionaire's heart.

A. Psychic gifts.

B. The homecoming queen's tiara.

C. A stint on the Colorado Coyotes, the women's semi-pro softball team.

D. A substitute teacher's certificate.


1. D. McVeigh is no more, but Kaczynski, Yousef and newbie Reid are all part of the bomb squad at the federal ADX in Florence.

2. B. Sutter's poetry hasn't been published -- not yet.

3. C. Owens was steamed that he'd have to listen to actor/activist Rob Reiner, whose character on the '70s sitcom All in the Family was nicknamed "Meathead."

4. A. Mimi was cited as one reason the zoo's admission price is soaring. Memo to Mimi: Cut out the late-night snacks.

5. A. Simmons, who filmed Preston in the mountains around Ashcroft.

6. C. Andrich was no Coyote.

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