Pop Quiz

1. Denver's Channel 8 recently received honors for many of its programs. Which did not earn a first-place award?

A. The Magic of Denver Government

B. @altitude: Shopping in Denver

C. @altitude: Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building

D. Johns TV

2. Speaking of Webb, the former mayor has a new job. What is it?

A. The FCC's Rocky Mountain Region Ham Radio Director

B. Head of the Suspicious Noises Agency, Department of Homeland Security

C. Vice-Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

D. Ambassador Pro-Tem, Organization of Pan-Regional African Harmony (OPRAH)

3. Mayor John Hickenlooper has another new job, too: playing a reporter in the upcoming Silver City. Previously, he was in this film:

A. The Man From Elysian Fields

B. National Lampoon's Vacation

C. Dennis the Menace

D. From Hair to Eternity

4. This year's corn maze near Chatfield Nature Preserve has to top a tough crop. That's because:

A. Last year's maze won the prestigious MAiZE award for attracting the most visitors in the United States.

B. Several unnamed Avs, attending a pre-season family gathering there, carved an unauthorized puck in the corn using SUVs.

C. Billionaire Philip Anschutz quietly bought up half of the maize maze last year and had it reassembled at his Weld County ranch.

D. A shot of the maze appeared in a scene from Everybody Loves Raymond.

5. In producing a pedestrian plan that citizens can comment on until November 8, Denver planners uncovered all but which of these facts?

A. There are 2,696 miles of sidewalk within the city.

B. Someone wrote "Bob Luvs Angie" on six different sidewalk squares sometime during 2002.

C. There are 1,012 miles of detached sidewalks in Denver.

D. Nearly 200 miles of Denver streets are missing sidewalks entirely.

6. Cultural bonus: The comedic Puppetry of the Penis is set to debut here. What is special about the Denver production?

A. Two male performers will attempt to re-create the DNA double helix on stage using only their...never mind.

B. The first "Yank" will take the stage.

C. To get around liquor-license regulations, patrons will carry small "urine" samples of liquor.

D. Members of The Vagina Monologues are planning a protest.


1. D. Johns TV took only second place in the innovation category.

2. C. The Honorable W. Webb will become a vice-chairman next month, joining four other vice-chairs.

3. A. Hick had one line in Elysian Fields; Mick Jagger and Andy Garcia had more.

4. A. Last year's maze won the MaiZE.

5. B. No definite count on the number of "Bob Luvs."

6. B. The first Yank, an American from Seattle, will gain his exposure here.

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