Pot friendly motels in Denver? The canna-tourists want to know

Among the first questions to arise after the passage of Amendment 64 last November was: "Will Colorado become a destination for pot tourism?"

Given the rise of companies such as My 420 Tours, which created visitor packages in April for what was dubbed World Cannabis Week, the answer seems to be a rousing "yes." But plenty of confusion remains, as witnessed by an online conversation about finding a "weed-friendly motel."

The ongoing Yelp thread was kicked off by this query:

My wife of 36 years and I would like to visit the Mile High City in the next few weeks. Never been to Colorado but we are looking forward to it. I would like to find a weed friendly motel. And what about to prop 64? When can tourists purchase?

It didn't take long for someone to reply. After noting, "I think this is my new favorite thread of all time," the helpful poster wrote, "Prop 64 isn't imposed yet until January. Some of the decriminalization has taken effect but you can't just go purchase. You still need a medical card."

What follows is a debate about how easy it is to obtain a red card whether or not there's a medical necessity for it -- a conversation apt to spur plenty of I-told-you-so responses from longtime critics of the MMJ system.

More entertaining, though, are suggestions about places to visit in the area, including this one....

See a concert at Red Rocks.........extremely weed friendly.

...and this one:

I don't know of any friendly hotels/motels, but go to Civic Center Park to buy somewhere around sunset or later. If you don't get offered stuff there within thirty seconds, you do not look like an old hippy. Hell, I look like a hipster and got offered 3 or 4 times on my walk through the park. Course, I don't know if cops are setting up shop there undercover, but...

Also included are assorted lodging recommendations. Here's one helpful tip:

Marijuana Deals Near You

Avoid E Colfax. Though W Colfax has some questionable hotels as well that buying Weed shouldn't be a problem either. Use Priceline and stay downtown.

Another Yelper wondered about the wisdom of the search in general:

okay. I pass no judgment on weed, but even if i'm traveling to smoke...why the heck would I stay in a hotel that allows smoking. That would be horrible.

every evening is perfect in Denver. Get your weed and go outdoors

and stay in a decent hotel without bed bugs, and routine bed check + do you need a hooker checks


Still, the funniest post for our money is this one:

I would stay in Boulder. My toddler got quite the buzz just from walking through the parks there.

We're guessing this last testimonial won't show up in a Boulder Chamber of Commerce brochure anytime soon.

More from our Marijuana archive circa February: "Marijuana tourism isn't main reason to let out-of-staters buy pot, says task force member."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.