Potential Ward Churchill victory sends KHOW's Craig Silverman into freak-out mode

Big, fat surprise: Lawyer and KHOW talk-show host Craig Silverman didn't reply to my latest interview request regarding the subject of two recent More Messages blogs: "Is KHOW's Craig Silverman Giving Tips to CU's Attorney in the Ward Churchill Trial?" and "KHOW's Craig Silverman Responds -- Sort Of -- to Report About Him Assisting CU in Ward Churchill Trial." It's mighty strange when someone who derives a significant portion of his income from sharing his opinions declines to do so when contacted by a reporter. Still, he's not hiding his views about Ward Churchill's chances for success in his wrongful-termination lawsuit against the University of Colorado at Boulder, which could be resolved today if the currently deliberating jury reaches a verdict. He spent much of yesterday's afternoon-drive program, which he hosts with fellow Churchill hater Dan Caplis, in a splenetic froth over the failure of CU attorney Patrick O'Rourke to play recordings of incendiary Churchill comments about terrorism and so on. In his view, jurors would have been much more likely to think Churchill committed academic fraud if they knew how much he hates America.

Before the trial, of course, most of the anti-Churchill brigade, including Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, argued that neither Churchill's terrorism-related remarks nor his controversial post-9/11 essay comparing those who died in the World Trade Center to Adolf Eichmann had anything to do with his firing -- just plagiarism and other crimes against scholarship. At this point, though, Silverman seems to realize that authorial offenses alone won't convince the jury to rule in CU's favor, and he's livid with O'Rourke for not realizing that and launching the legal equivalent of the nuclear option. Still, there's a bright side for Silverman if Churchill emerges victorious: He'll have plenty to sputter about in the days and weeks to come.

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